Getting Ready for College

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A Shaman’s Prayer

fotolia © Choat

fotolia © Choat

It’s that time again. When we say good-bye to our children, nieces, and nephews. They’re leaving for college. I wish them a safe and prosperous journey. I pray for their personal vision to become clear to them. I ask the ancestors to protect them as they test the waters of the adult world.

I know the adventure is challenging. It’s full of new experiences and learning. Those of us who remain are at the same time, heartbroken and excited for you. How do we balance the two? How do we let you explore and watch over you at the same time?

We can no longer hold you so tight you can’t make your own choices. We must loosen our grip. We must learn a new way of holding you. We must grow in a new direction to allow this journey to take place. I offer this healing prayer to help us both accept the new place in which we stand.

The College-Healing Prayer
For My Niece

Leave these things behind:

I ask that you leave any fear of failure behind.

I ask that you put down any worries that remain in your heart.

I ask that you leave any hesitation here with me.

I tie these fears in a bundle and send them down the river to be healed.

Take these things with you:

I ask that the waters of the world teach you how to move up and over obstacles.

I ask that you remember we’re here to catch you if you should fall.

I ask that you see clearly with your perfect spirit-given vision.

I ask that you find goodness in your travels.

This prayer I send in a puff of smoke from my sacred pipe to the ears of the Creator.


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