How Do You Honor Yourself?

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Taking the time to honor yourself with purposeful movement, meditation and writing, can help you find your God-given GPS.

fotolia © Brian Jackson

fotolia © Brian Jackson

It’s interesting when someone asks the question, “How do you honor yourself?” It’s like someone flipping off the switch to a lamp. The mind goes blank. It is a difficult one to answer.

Up until recently, I would have responded with, “a nice hot bath, or perhaps taking time out to meditate”.   The fact is it’s quite easy to write what comes to mind, believing wholeheartedly in the words written.  Are these two practices really honoring my spirit? Well, it depends. It depends on how I relax into those moments. When those moments arise, perhaps asking the question, “Am I intending to connect with my spirit or am I just checking out to avoid dealing with my thoughts?” may help clarify.

Most of the time, I feel relaxed after a bath, so I would say a definitive “yes” to honoring myself on this one. It’s a rejuvenation of the senses, especially when adding the ritual of lighting a candle and putting on music.

Meditation is another story, depending on where my mind is at. If it’s Monkey mind, entering into this abyss can be somewhat of a challenge. BUT, in the end, the attempt to quiet my thoughts and alchemize into silence may be the key. If I make the conscious decision to say “Thank You” at the end with honesty and gratitude, then I can genuinely say it’s a wholehearted attempt and “yes” to honoring my spirit.

When expressing deep thoughts through writing, there are no holds barred when pouring my soul on paper, or computer. I let my thoughts run rampant. I can write about appreciation or gratitude because my soul takes over and the thoughts flow freely. Afterwards, there is a feeling of accomplishment and truthfulness because it feels like my “soul speaking”. The challenging part would be to put this to practice with those I love. This is an essential question to ponder. Why is it easier to write to an audience, expressing my deepest thoughts, than to my own family? It doesn’t matter why; the real growth will come from expressing this deep part of me, with conscious effort, to those who matter most to me. This, I feel will honor my spirit along with others and expand its growth in Mind, Body and Spirit.

When taking time to exercise, my body and thoughts are focused. I feel the resistance of the weights and I visualize the muscles expanding and contracting. The sweat pours freely from my body and my breath inhales and exhales the oxygen that also fuels my body. I feel strong and focused as my thoughts run through my blood and veins with creativity. This fuels my soul on every level. While engaging in this practice, I feel my Body, Mind and Spirit refueling to help guide me in making the best decisions and choices throughout the day.

fotolia @zaretskaya

fotolia @zaretskaya

Moving through an authentic day for me would be to: exercise (while listening to music that gets my mojo pumping),  nourishing my body with nutrient rich foods, expressing appreciation to those I love, making the right choices, getting outside with my dog while connecting with the earth and finding ways to take me out of my comfort zone.  Understanding that some of those are easier than others, I will keep moving on those that are somewhat of a challenge and alchemize them into ease and grace.

In the end, I believe that living life through my God-given GPS will surely guide me along my destined path. In retrospect for all those times during this past year or previous years, I can see where making different choices would have affected my outcome. The fact is, everything is perfect at this moment in time. Perhaps the key to living an authentic life is to keep moving, and that’s it! There are no ah-ha moments or waiting for the right opportunity. Just keep moving. Ask for movement that will fuel the spirit and in return, fuel others. See the spirit in others soar through Mind, Body and Spirit interaction. Namaste.


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