When It Comes to Receiving Money – What Are You Thinking?

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Are You Open to Receive?


fotolia © Carolyn Franks

fotolia © Carolyn Franks

Imagine an airplane full of passengers destined for Chicago. The plane, fully loaded, leaves New York and flies non-stop to Chicago and arrives in the airspace above the city. As it circles the Chicago airport – it is in the “realm of probability” for unloading its passengers at the airport. The plane is prepared to land, but what happens if the airport is closed that day? The plane is where it is supposed to be, but the Chicago airport isn’t ready to receive it. The airline must then recall the plane to New York, because it cannot deliver its passengers.

Something very similar may be happening to you when you clearly ask the Universe for what you want, hold the thought of it in your mind consistently and anxiously await delivery. The Universe always sends it immediately into your “realm of probability”. But if you are not open to receive what you are asking for, the Universe cannot deliver it.

Why wouldn’t I be open to receive something I asked for?

Because, often, even when you believe you are thinking about something you desire, you are actually thinking about the exact opposite of what you desire.

Exactly what are your thoughts about money?

In order to fully cooperate with the Law of Attraction, you have to keep your mind focused on what you want and not on what you don’t want. And that’s not always easy to do, because you aren’t fully aware of the scope of your own thoughts. If you are not manifesting your desires, even if you appear to be playing by the rules relating to The Law of Attraction, you may not be awakened to some of your real feelings about money, about people who have a lot of money and about people who don’t. Your subconscious beliefs about money may also be preventing you from taking delivery of the desires of your heart.

If you believe that rich people are mean or selfish or “out of touch” with people like you, then it has to follow in your thought process that if you become a rich person, you may become mean or selfish or out of touch also. Since you don’t want to become like that more than you do want to be rich, the Universe is doing a very good job of providing what you want.

If you ask the Universe for money to start a business, and you believe the only way to get money is by working hard – you are going to have to work long and hard to get enough money to start your business. The Universe may have money available to you from some other channel, but if you don’t believe that there is another channel, then the Universe can’t deliver. In other words, the Law of Attraction is always working according to the greatest focus of your thoughts, generated by your strongest beliefs.

fotolia © lassedesignen

fotolia © lassedesignen

Your current thoughts about money were hugely influenced by those who helped to raise you. The opinions of

your parents and grandparents (or parental figures) about money, or people who have money, helped significantly in the formation of your current Prosperity Consciousness.

Of course you were also impacted by what you were taught in school about money, the way your spouse or partner deals with money, and your own life experiences with money as well.

Think about the adjectives you associate with money – dirty money, filthy rich, cold, hard cash – to name just a few. If you automatically perceive money negatively, at any level of mind – conscious or subconscious – you are not ready to take delivery of the money you say you want. A part of you is resisting receiving what you are asking the Universe to give you.

It’s your game and you can change it.

Can you change your thinking, conscious and subconscious, to allow for the money you want, the money you deserve, to flow to you unobstructed? The answer is yes – resoundingly yes. But first you have to open your mind, your heart, and your hands to receive. And you have to reprogram your mind to accept yourself as a worthy recipient.

There are many ways to shift those damaging old beliefs, but the least expensive and most effective is to simply reprogram your mind by making a positive statement about the person you want to be, over and over again until your old way of thinking is forgotten and your new way of thinking prevails.

Here’s your game changer for becoming a more effective receiver of money! 

Repeat, at least 12 times a day at spaced intervals, for 12 consecutive weeks:


Simple? Yes.

Fast? No.

Effective:  Yes -100%  (It works, whether you believe it or not!) 


Excerpted in part from:

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – 7 Sustained Steps to Total Self-Realization

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