Emily’s Inner Physician

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Connecting With Your Inner Physician


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This is a story of one person’s experience and how she released an internal block with guidance from her inner physician.

Emily came to my office with a sling on her right arm. She was experiencing a lot of pain in her shoulder, and was “over it”. She had been to her chiropractor and had gone for a number of physical therapy sessions, with little lasting relief. The MRI showed no structural issues (no broken bones, no torn tendons, no rotator injury, no vertebral issues, etc). In fact, the nearly constant pain Emily was experiencing proved to be quite puzzling to all her medical practitioners.

After two sessions, Emily’s pain had reduced somewhat, but I could feel that something was blocking further forward progress. During her third therapy session, I asked Emily if she would be willing to dialogue with a wise inner part of her that could help us in moving forward. She was more than willing.

As she lay on the table, Emily closed her eyes, and allowed herself to relax. I asked her to allow her mind to quiet and to focus on her breathing. As Emily’s body relaxed, I asked her Inner Physician to come forth to help us resolve what was blocking Emily from fully healing.

Almost immediately, Emily heard a voice inside her ask, “Remember the car accident?”

Emily relayed she was hearing that she should go back to a minor car accident that happened a couple months ago, in which she sustained no apparent injury. I asked her if she was willing to do what was being asked of her, and she agreed.

Under my hands, Emily’s body became very still, which is a sign of the Inner Physician’s presence. Emily then related her experience of being in her car while at a stop light. She was on her cell phone, arguing with her boyfriend. When the light turned green, the car in front of her started to move forward, but then hit the brakes. As Emily applied her brakes, the car behind bumped into the back of her car. Emily said she remembered being very angry with her boyfriend.

I asked Emily’s Inner Physician if this was a key to resolving Emily’s shoulder pain. Her Inner Physician responded with a “yes”. I then asked a series of questions of Emily’s Inner Physician as to specifics of how to proceed. I was given guidance to place my hands in specific places near Emily’s shoulder and neck, with specific pressure.

Emily related she was feeling a wall of anger inside her and it felt awful. She then stated she knew she had to let go of her anger to end the pain.

This all came together very quickly, and once Emily became fully aware of her feelings during the argument with her boyfriend, with my hands placed as instructed by her Inner Physician, Emily’s arm started moving, like she was shrugging.

Meanwhile, Emily’s head was slowly moving toward her right shoulder, and her arm was extending outward. I heard Emily say, “I forgive you. I forgive you. I let go of this anger.” Emily repeated this and took a deep breath.

Emily’s shoulder softened and relaxed, and her head and arm returned to her side. Emily opened her eyes, and after a few deep breaths, she said she felt better than she had in a long while.

After a few minutes of discussion about all that just happened, Emily slowly sat up. Her eyes big, she excitedly said “there’s no pain!” I asked her to slowly move her arm.

No pain.

Emily’s pain was gone and she had much improved range of movement.

With the guidance of Emily’s Inner Physician we were able to release what was holding her pain in place…the anger she was holding onto, combined with the car accident.

While in this case, it was an emotional block combined with a physical incident, there is every possible type and combination of guidance that can be received from one’s Inner Physician, depending on what is necessary in the moment for the body to move into more optimal form and functioning.

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.



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