Environmental Influences On Water

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Being Mindful of Our Resources


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I would guess that if you are reading this you live in a home that has safe running water, even hot water at your fingertips, and you didn’t have to go outside to pump it into a bucket or walk to the next village to fill a tank. You and I are very blessed we don’t have this concern.

Do you take it for granted?

Are you ever concerned you will turn the spigot on and nothing will come out? Or the water that comes out is undrinkable?

Water pollution is a concern of mine and I would encourage you to make it yours as well. Look around you at the streams, lakes, rivers and our oceans and gulfs – most of them have a lot of trash in them. When you see the trash and it’s right in front of you, do you pick it up or just ignore it?

Here are a few things to think about when you are driving or out on the water:

  • The trash in your car goes in a trash can, not to be thrown out the window – that goes for cigarette butts, I’m not sure why smokers think the world is their ashtray, it is not.
  • Use reusable water bottles – I’m not sure how the bottled water industry (mostly owned by Pepsi, Coke and Nestle) has convinced us that our tap water is not safe to drink. Do you honestly know that the bottled water is safe (most of it is purified tap water)? What do you do with those bottles when you are finished – recycling them is the best option because they will never rot in our landfills. Statistics show that Americans used 50 Billion water bottles last year – startling isn’t it? Think about how much $$$$ you are spending on bottled water, get a water filter for your sink – wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a neat vacation?
  • Anytime you are boating or fishing, be aware to keep your trash contained – the rings that hold six-packs can end up June 2016 margaret marticchoking our bird and sea life, they often mistake it for food; fishing line gets tangled around wings, beaks, feet of our bird life and fins and snouts of our sea life; plastic bags are a nuisance too. Here’s a picture of a heron that showed up on my deck one morning. I called wildlife rescue, they came and we tried to catch it over several days and never succeeded – I’m pretty sure it starved to death; it breaks my heart to see the result of people’s carelessness.
  • Releasing balloons – I don’t like adding to the laws by which we all have to abide, but I would definitely vote to ban releasing balloons! They definitely pollute our waters all over the country – just because you may not live near a large body of water like the Gulf or ocean, there are lakes, rivers and streams all over our country. Fish can mistake them for food and they just pollute – don’t do it!
  • Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth. Yes, I’ve irritated a few people over the years, turning off the water for them. Be a responsible water user – think about this in the shower, when you’re staying in a hotel (reuse your towel and don’t get clean sheets every day, it is wasteful), washing your car, etc.

Become more aware of how you can help keep our water clean! Thank you. Now I’m off to drink a big glass of water, tap water – no filter.


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