Does Your Vision Include Passion, Meaning, Mission and Purpose?

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When people think of vision in life, more often than not they get caught up in focusing on the 3D physical world (i.e. career, status, health, relationships).  Although there is certainly nothing wrong with that, I’ve found life more fulfilling when I focus on the deeper, non-physical realms of the human experience.  For me, nothing stokes the fire of Divine will like passion, meaning, mission and purpose.  Adding these spices to the pallet of living will stimulate the spark to a life fulfilled.

Passion.  Passion is the road sign to self-discovery.  It’s a flashing beacon pointing out the quickest and most direct route to the Divine.  The desires of your heart are smudged with Divine thumbprints.  Whatever gets you excited, consumes your attention, and brings joy when you wake up in the morning is nothing short of a Divine occupation.  It’s where your truest sense of yourself will be found.  Passion is a call to your homeland.

Meaning.  A few weeks ago, I was walking along a major construction site in town.  An old private paper mill had been torn down.  Through extensive negotiations, the land had been turned over to the public for re-development, to include shops, parks, a marina and open space.

There was a crew of workers laying brick along the proposed entry way.  They were on a break and I asked them what they were working on.  One guy said, “Oh, just laying some brick; pays the bills, ya know.”  The chap standing next to him said, “Actually, this is a pretty cool project.  It’s the entry to the new waterfront.”  A third worker smiled and chimed in, “I’m building the future.”

The meaning of life is straightforward; it’s whatever meaning you give it.  If you feel your life has no meaning, it’s because you haven’t given it any.  Don’t forget we are co-creators of Divine will.  We can make our lives as big or small as we choose, based on our perception.  Remember George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life?  His life had no meaning, until he shifted his perception.  The reason my life has meaning is because I say it does.  If you want a meaningful life, then believe it and go live that way.

Mission.  One way to live a meaningful life is to have a mission.  What’s a mission?  It’s an important task given straight from the Divine.  If you want meaning in life then get on with your mission.  It may take anywhere from one day to a lifetime.  That’s up to you.  Who decides what it is?  You do!  A mission takes the concept of a co-creative relationship with the Divine and puts into action.  In terms of livelihood or vocation, think of it this way; do you have a job, a career or a mission?

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Purpose.  Several years ago, I went to a three-part workshop that met on Wednesday nights.  On the first evening, the facilitator posed the question, “Would you like to know the purpose of life?  It’s really simple.”  Intrigued with anticipation, we all nodded with inquisitive approval.  “Good,” she said, “I’ll tell you next week.”  OK, very funny, ha-ha.  The following week, she posed the same question.  This time, everyone rolled their eyes with suspicion.  Disappointed, she answered, “Hmmm…Looks like you’re not ready.  I’ll tell you next week.”  Now she had our attention.  On our last meeting, she didn’t mention the question at all.  As we’re packing up to leave, one of the participants asked, “Well…are you going to tell us the answer?   What is the purpose of life?”  With a slight smirk on her face, she smugly replied, “The purpose of life is living.  So get on with it.”


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