The Art of Receiving

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The Joy in Receiving

I love receiving! Here are two of my favorite reasons and why:


fotolia © Antonioguillem

fotolia © Antonioguillem

Receiving compliments is an unexpectedly joyous experience that causes me to feel great! When someone compliments me I simply say, “Thank you!” or “Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words!”

A compliment is a gift someone gives and I certainly don’t want to turn away a nice gift. When you turn the gift down by saying something negative, the giver probably feels a little hurt; at least disappointed in your reaction.

I’m sure there must have been a time in my life when I did not always respond appropriately. I’m not sure when the shift happened – I’m just glad it did.

If you’ve not been a good receiver of gifts (compliments), I encourage you to make the shift today and I’m sure you will be glad you did.

Unexpected Income

If you are like me, you enjoy receiving gifts and money! Well, what’s more fun than getting money and gifts unexpectedly?

My friend, Lauren McLaughlin, author of “Go to ELF, introduced me to this concept several years ago and I fully embrace it. I have a journal in which I record my unexpected income. Things such as a new client who engages my services, someone buying a copy of my book, someone doing something for me and not requesting payment – a complimentary vendor table at a conference to promote and sell my book, someone buys my lunch or other meal / beverage, and even testimonials or referrals.

When I received the unexpected income, I say to myself and the Universe, “I am grateful for the unexpected income and am open to receiving more.”

Give these two examples of receiving a try if you’ve not already and then share with me your experience.



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