How You See The World Depends on What You’re Looking For!

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What You Focus on Will Expand?


fotolia © Ivan Kruk

fotolia © Ivan Kruk

How do you see the world? Are you a “wait and see” how the day goes kind of person or do you intentionally decide what you want to experience before your day begins? Do you believe that each day is likely to be just another heaping helping of the ‘same old, same old’ or are you willing to consider if you change how you look at things, then what you look at will begin to change?

Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds to ever influence the field of science, said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”. Because in essence, what we ‘believe’ about the world, is what we will experience. Yes, I know you’ve heard that concept before especially if you’ve watched ‘The Secret’ or read anything by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. But I’d like to invite you to find out if you REALLY believe the idea that we can influence what we experience and why you might consider allowing that to become more of a reasonable plan of action for your life.

I encourage you, as you think about where you are on the ‘believability scale’ to look at your overall expectations about life in general. It may be sobering, but necessary to ask … Do you believe the universe is on your side and supporting you or do you often feel unlucky and passed over, like yesterday’s news?

I realize that the world may seem like it is very far from the enlightenment age with some very serious global problems. But what if you could change how you see things, like changing the filter on a camera lens, and start to look for what you want vs. whatever you have been conditioned to see? And what if, by doing that, you begin to alter reality for yourself and the world in a more positive way?!

I invite you to try the following experiment for the next 7 days. Begin by making a list of at least seven ideals you want to see more of and by focusing on only one per day, see how much of that actually shows up in your reality. For example, say you would like to see more kindness in the world. So, on Monday you decide it is your intention to observe, and perhaps participate in, more kindness. Purposefully be on the on the look out for more kindness and take notes accordingly.

Fotolia © glisic_albina

Fotolia © glisic_albina

For example, when you are at the grocery store, become aware as you seek the next great buy-one get-one deal, that you are on alert for kindness taking place. Maybe you’re noticing the grocery store clerk helping an elderly grandmother to her car. Maybe it’s you, letting the frazzled mom with the screaming toddler go ahead of you in line. Perhaps it’s seeing the guy shopping for ice cream in the freezer section offer to let the other person take the last carton of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. (OK I know that’s a long shot, but you get the idea right?) Also, take note of how you are being more kind to yourself. You can start by being mindful of what you say (or think) when you see yourself in the mirror. “Hello gorgeous! vs. Ugh…where did these wrinkles, dark circles, extra pounds come from?”

On the next day, choose to see more frustration…OK, you might only want to look for frustration for an hour instead of a whole day. Because I can guarantee you that if you look for things to be frustrated about, you can fill that list quicker than an auctioneer can yell ‘SOLD’! “Global warming!, Political candidate choices! War! Etc.!” I suspect that most people are prone to focusing on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. And we are, in effect, not only drawing more of it into our lives if you believe in the principles of the law of attraction, but we also tend to stay so focused on the bigness of the problems, that we aren’t able to take any positive action that would actually be part of a solution! You can ALWAYS pray, give to a charity, or be part of some effort in your local community, for example. Yes, those things matter and make a difference.

Continue the experiment for the next few days… ‘Today I want to see more evidence of encouragement, more abundance, more respect, more compassion, etc.’

I believe if you say yes to the invitation to re-focus the lens (and perhaps change the filter) on the reality you’re experiencing, you might start to see a clearer picture of the world and the importance of your place in it!



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