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The Primary energies in life: Freedom – Joy – Growth


fotolia  © mudretsov

fotolia © mudretsov

According to the Spiritual teachers called “Abraham” we came to planet earth to experience three primary energies – freedom, joy and growth.

To experience those energies to the fullest, we have to create the conditions and tools we need to draw freedom and joy into our life experiences and to accomplish, not only our own personal growth, but to also contribute to the growth of the Universe.

All People Are Creative

But the word create means different things to different people, and for various reasons, some people feel as if they aren’t naturally creative. Nonsense.   We all create work plans, set goals, make budgets, host birthday parties, cook family meals, plan vacations, design wardrobes, and decorate our living spaces, to name just a few ways in which all people are creative and always have been. Even cave people drew on the walls and made their caves as comfortable as possible.

The tools we use to create have been ours since birth. They are our thoughts, our words and our actions. Imagination is the fuel of the creative process, (more important than knowledge, according to Albert Einstein) and so it makes sense that we use our imagination to take steps, from time to time, to create an atmosphere in which we work and live that draws energy to us in all of the most important areas of our life experience.

Feng Shui – The Energy Grabber

According to the rules of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, (which has existed for over 3,000 years), we can draw specific energies into our life by placing into our living and working spaces objects that move (or have the potential to move) and in doing so, give the natural energy that directs our lives a little boost.

To draw energy in a specific area, you will need a blueprint (a bagua map) to show you where specific pockets of energy automatically gather.

The Bagua

fotolia © Peter Hermes Furian

fotolia © Peter Hermes Furian

Standing at the doorway of any room and holding the map in front of you, you can easily see that if you should wish to attract prosperity, you will want to add an element of movement to the area in the far right corner of the room.

Elements of movement are things that move or create movement or have the potential to move. To use movement to draw more prosperity energy, you might add a musical instrument or a pretty wind chime, a lava lamp or a small fountain to the corner of the room to the far left of the doorway. Then sit for a moment and enjoy the feelings that your newly energized space generates. Take a minute to recall times in your life when you have felt extremely prosperous and give thanks for those times. State those expressions of gratitude out loud if you wish to also take full advantage of the energy of the spoken word. Finally, visualize new prosperity pouring in your direction right now and also give thanks for that.

If it is a personal relationship you wish to energize, add a pair of small plants with soft leaves that move when you touch them, or add a pair of music boxes, a pair of bells, or if you are really serious, a pair of live goldfish or a pair of love birds in their own cage to the far right corner of the room. When the items you choose are in place, sit quietly and recall the best times in past relationships that you can remember and give thanks for them. Then picture the ideal relationships for you right now and give thanks for those as well.

Feeling like you would like to deepen your Spirituality? Choose the left hand corner of the room closest to the doorway in which you are standing and add a water container with a floating candle in it, or burn some incense in that corner. When the candle has been lit or the incense is burning, treat yourself to a few moments of gentle meditation, giving thanks as you release the outer world and ask for the guidance of your inner being.

Other items that represent movement might include music boxes, fans, ticking clocks, music, pot potpourri and other elements of aroma therapy and of course, pets of every variety. A cat will constantly stir the energy in every corner of every house and dogs bring exciting loving energy wherever they are.

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