Are You a Wish I Could?

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fotolia © blanche

fotolia © blanche

As a small business owner you can feel overwhelmed and very small in a big world. How can you make yourself stand out? How can you get your ideal customer’s engagement when so much is vying for their attention? The secret is to dive in deep to discover your greatest strengths, not just what your business offers. Your personal strengths will give you the edge.

Let me tell you a story…
Once upon a time, not so deep in the forest lived a small group of little people called the Wishicoulds. They lived a very simple life. They didn’t do too much, they didn’t dream too much, they didn’t expect too much. What they did love to do was travel. They loved traveling around to the local towns and villages visiting friends and making new ones.

The Wishicoulds always enjoyed visiting the Doneits and the Beentheres. Both of these groups were tall people. The little people were amazed by the Doneits and the Beenthere’s accomplishments. When the little people of Wishicould went for a visit they marveled over the new buildings, nice landscaping and beautiful houses. As they enjoyed the view, you could overhear the little people whispering to each other…”Wish I could do that.” “Wish I could make that.” “Wish I could build that.”

You see, the Wishicoulds were told through many generations that they really couldn’t do anything of significance because they were so small. Grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents had told them that for years – they believed until that one day when their whole town was in danger.

Early one morning they looked up from the village and  saw their tall friends the Doneits and the Beentheres running toward their village. “We have come to report danger – the river is over flowing and it is headed this way. We only have 4 hours before the flood waters will be here. If we don’t do something now your village and all the villages in your valley will be destroyed!” The tall friends began to help by gathering pieces of wood from the forest to shore up the flood barricade in the Wishicould’s little town. The Wishicoulds helped where they could, but they knew the Doneits and Beentheres had more experience and could do so much more than they could.

The waters began to trickle toward the town. Then, the flow of water became stronger and stronger. Despite all the hard work of everyone, the water was pushing through the flood barricade. The Doneits and the Beentheres turned to the little people and said, “The water is already getting through and the flood has not even reached us yet. We’ve got to do more.”

A brave Wishicould stood up and called all the Wishicoulds together. “If we are going to fix this barricade, we will need a few brave volunteers from the Wishicoulds to help fix the small holes throughout the barricade. The Doneits and Beentheres are too big, they will break the barricade. We need small feet and hands to climb and fill the holes. We can save our village.”

A few brave little people came forward to help. They were scared, but they knew they had to help. They knew what was at risk. As they began to slowly crawl across the flood barricade and fill the holes, the Wishicoulds could see it was working. More and more little volunteers began to help. After a few hours, the holes were being filled and the water was stopped.

The brave actions of these Wishicoulds prevented the flood from penetrating the flood barricade and together with their friends they saved their village and all the villages in the valley. From that point forward, the Wishicoulds were known as Wecandos and their lives were never the same.

You may not be in the business of saving villages, but you are in the business of solving problems. What strengths do you have that can help you deliberately solve the problems of your clients in a way no larger business can do? Personal attention, personal interaction, attentive listening. Take some time to examine the strengths you have developed in your life that can meet the personal needs of the customers you want to serve. Customers appreciate a personal touch.

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