The School of Appreciation

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fotolia  © sebra

fotolia © sebra

Those of us who like being appreciated, please put your arms up in the air! Don’t be shy; put both arms up in the air and yell, YES! Appreciation is a dynamic energy force that fuels the spirit to go the extra mile. It’s expansive and more about the spirit of the person and less about what you do.

I’m certain that each and every one of us likes to be acknowledged in some shape or form. It’s as if the other person is saying, “I see you. I see the value in who you are.”   Acknowledging someone’s efforts, no matter how small is a great motivator. Any great leader will take this into account. Let’s consider coaching as an example. When taking a group through an exercise program, there are ways to guide every team member, depending on their skill level. The ones who need the extra push may be out of shape, or feel as if they don’t measure up to their own expectations. If the coach yells at them and tells them they are a failure, they may be downplaying that person’s soul fuel. Each and every one of us is different. That person’s soul fuel may need constant reassurance until they are filled up with acknowledgement and ready to flourish on their own. It doesn’t mean they are a failure or worse than others, it simply means they need more time to fill up their own appreciation tank.

Appreciating someone or something is like being in a state where the Soul cries out, “the spirit in me sees the spirit in you.” It may be towards another person, animal or inanimate object. “It doesn’t mean that you have to like or agree with others, or feel like, hey, let’s be best friends.” It simply means that you recognize the value in them.” Mike Robbins

fotolia © Nikki Zalewski

fotolia © Nikki Zalewski

There are plenty of non-verbal cues or conscious acts that radiate appreciation. Hugging is a nice one. Leading into a hug with the left arm ensures you connect heart to heart. Hold onto the other person for a few seconds and take a few deep breaths. Eye contact is another great one. The eyes are the window to the Soul, so take a good look. Try and seek something in them  you may not have recognized before. Some may be a little taken back by it and say, “What are you looking at?” A lot of people are not comfortable with this personal connection. You can respond with, “I just think you are an amazing person.” This may open up their hearts a little for them to respond with, “Thank you.”

Perhaps giving thanks is an open window to appreciation. Perhaps it’s the key to unlocking our own abundant resources. When we are in a state of thankfulness, gratitude or appreciation, we receive more because we are giving more. The more we give, the more we receive because the Universe is always listening. Its hum of vital energy and appreciation is constantly being renewed by our own life force. It starts to become a dance of inexplicable giving and receiving. Once we are in this state, we exude this power and divine force felt by others. We start to pay it forward simply by appreciating life itself. If someone were to ask me, “where can I sign up for these dances of appreciation?” I would respond with, “Start writing your own list of everything you appreciate in your life, and there you will find the resources to start your own school.”


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