Conquering The Battlefield of The Mind

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 Tune into you and change your DNA one thought at a time.


fotolia © pathdoc

fotolia © pathdoc

Are you happy? In good health? Feel secure about your future? Or are you constantly worried, overwhelmed and think life is a daily uphill battle?

The honest answers to these questions led me to the ‘why’ behind a diagnosis of “an undefined autoimmune disorder” after an exhaustive year of chronic pain, multiple medical opinions, and numerous blood tests that revealed an endocrine system severely out of balance. Months earlier my primary physician just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Basically, your body is at war with itself. We don’t know why.”

As an avid student of the mind body connection, I knew that ‘the war on myself’ did not have mysterious origins. Maybe it crept up on me like a stealthy opponent – but it had been a deliberate attack long in the making. Perhaps I simply wasn’t ready to accept that I might be the one responsible for it.

The very definition of ‘war’ is a state or period of fighting. As a verb it means to be in active and/or vigorous conflict.   This certainly described what was going on in my mind and body. I desperately wanted my health back, along with my sanity. I needed a strategy, but continuing to feel ‘at war’ with myself (and telling myself that daily) was not it. I surrendered to earnest prayer and asked for divine guidance.

I then took an honest inventory of where I was ‘out of balance’ in my life and if there was anything I could let go of. At first glance, the answer was “no, it is all up to you to get done”. But I knew I needed to be willing for new ways to be revealed – otherwise my despairing would take over.

In Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book ‘Switch on Your Brain’ she shares that DNA actually changes shape according to our thoughts. As you think negative thoughts about the future, the week ahead, what someone might say or do – the toxic thinking will change your brain wiring in a negative direction and throw your mind and body into a state of stress, which affects our body’s natural healing abilities. And there is even more evidence from Dr. Eric Kandel. His studies show that our thoughts, even what we are imagining (good or bad) can get ‘under the skin’ of our DNA – which can turn certain genes on and off and actually change the structure of the neurons in our brain!

The good news for all of us is that each day we experience ‘neurogenesis’ – the birthing of new nerve cells in our brains.

fotolia © phive2015

fotolia © phive2015

And since our thoughts are always undergoing ‘protein synthesis’ in our brains – we have the opportunity to actually CHOOSE to renew our minds everyday – and decide if our thoughts are going to be toxic and create a toxic environment for disease in our bodies, or if we are going to choose to be in control over creating a better life for ourselves.

Getting your thoughts disciplined is the first step to stopping the negative impact and re-wiring healthy new circuits in the brain. Even under tremendous stress we can choose to ‘capture’ and ‘re-direct’ our thoughts through prayer, affirmations, and visualization. Brain scan research further proves that ‘imagining something’ has the same affect on the brain as actually ‘doing something’.  And that meditation, or being in a state of reflective rest, actually shifts frontal brain states. (This is the part of the brain where we focus and make choices). Just 5-16 minutes of daily meditation creates a greater increase in gamma waves, which are involved in attention, memory building and creating feelings of peace. I think I can find 15 minutes somewhere in my day to change my brain – how about you?

More good news about the power of positive thinking (and feeling) comes from a Heartmath experiment that showed DNA altered by anger, fear, and frustration was actually REVERSED by feelings of love, joy, and appreciation!   I’ve always believed in the law of attraction and the importance of being in a state of gratitude – but actually having some science to ‘prove’ how these conscious actions and thoughts affect us at a cellular level was life changing for me.

As I made a re-commitment to ‘watch my thoughts’ and a practice of daily prayer and meditation – I began to believe it was possible for me to get better and God began to reveal how I could get back to balance.

Joseph Murphy, author of “The Miracle of Mind Dynamics” puts it best in my opinion. Your destiny is in your own hands because it is impossible to think one thing and produce another. By correct thinking, a happy, healthy, and productive life results. Your thought is the key to life, for as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.


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