Fitness – What’s the Real Story?

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Your lifestyle and your fitness go hand in hand.


fotolia © Steve Young

fotolia © Steve Young

Everyone’s always telling us that we need to be fit. Why? My parents didn’t exercise (running, push-ups, yoga) why should I? Well, life and times were different then. My parents didn’t exercise in that manner, but they did exercise.

In my early years my parents were farmers growing crops of soybeans and cotton as well as a small herd of dairy cows. When you are a farmer you walk miles and miles, lift bales of hay, sacks of seed or cotton, milk cans and much more. My mother had a large garden where we used a hoe to chop the weeds. Believe me, that’s exercise.

When we moved from our farm to a small town in Florida, our house was on an acre lot and we had a push mower and that was a family affair, we all took turns mowing the lawn – that’s exercise. My mother still liked hanging the clothes on a clothesline and hauling baskets of freshly washed clothes to the backyard. That was definitely exercise – I know, because I had to help.

My point is that lifestyles can make a big difference as to how much exercise we get and how much more we need to maintain a sense of health. I don’t live on a farm anymore nor do I have to mow my own yard anymore so in order to stay healthy I do add movement to my life almost every day in one form or another.

Years ago, I was a runner, then switched to walking and biking. Life and times shifted and I lived in a 3-story town home and would walk up and down my stairs as many times as I could, I averaged about 8 – 10 times – that’s a lot of steps and builds stamina.

Now I’m in a one floor villa and realize I have not stayed as active as I would prefer, so it was with an ugghh (sort of) when I saw our topic for February because I knew I had to “walk my talk” as I suggest to others to get / stay active. The good news is that I just bought a new pair of walking shoes and have started walking several times a week.

Some of the other things I do to add movement and health to my life: put on music and dance; push-ups from the kitchen counter while waiting on the coffee or something on the stove to boil; skip around the house; Pliés (plee ay – means bent, bending – of the knee or knees) while brushing my teeth; yoga on YouTube; and while working I make sure to sit straight when I catch myself hunching over the computer and at least once an hour I lean back with my arms out and take deep breaths to stretch out my chest.

 So as you see, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your body getting some movement each day without running or going to a gym (not opposed to a gym, just not my preference).

 Let me know what types of creative exercise you do and let’s keep healthy during 2016!


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