Hearing Higher Self: Stop, Listen, Speak

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You are the expert on you. Stop, listen and speak your truth with Beautiful Communication tools from Susan Miner.

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An excerpt from Susan Miner’s book, Beautiful Energy: Exercises to Reveal Your Inner Peace.

Part of our Beautiful Communication is listening to our bodies and all aspects of our personalities. This includes our self-talk and the mind chatter. We’ve worked on what we tell ourselves in previous chapters. Now we’re going to welcome some time to listen to ourselves. There are parts of us that are always trying to get our attention. All parts of ourselves are trying to help us in one way or another. Even the fear driven, worry-wort part of ourselves is trying to keep us safe by warning us of danger. It’s just like a little kid who won’t be quieted before he/she gets our attention (All Mommies are familiar with: “Mommy listen. Mommy. Mommy listen. Mommy!”)

We’re going to take a few minutes to listen to any parts of ourselves that have something to say. We’re going to give them our full attention. Often we just try to shut up or ignore the worry-wart or any other uncomfortable persona. First, giving all aspects of ourselves our attention is a self-loving thing to do and second, it actually quiets down the mind long enough so we can hear the gentle voice of our Higher Selves.

Exercise: Hearing Higher Self

Make a mental note to pay attention to what you hear, sense or know when your breath is held. Have paper and pen ready.
Take a deep breath. Hold it for three seconds. Notice what you hear.

Repeat two times.
Close your eyes. Ask yourself silently in your mind, “What do you want me to hear?” or “What does my Higher Self want me to hear?”
Relax, breathe, and listen for several minutes.
Open your eyes and write down what you heard.

Beautiful Communication entails our thoughts and ideas as they are proclaimed in the world as well as our internal communication. As our ability to communicate to the world is enhanced so is our ability to hear our bodies and souls as they communicate to us. We can help this process along, like all growth processes in this book, by practicing. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re imagining what to say or are making it all up. Much of the value of the exercise is found in the freedom of expression. So relax and let go.

Exercise: Something to Say 

Consider what you have to say to the world.
Gently touch your throat and say this sentence out loud, “I have something to say.”
Speak out loud about what you have to say. Don’t worry about anything, just let it flow.
Consider what your body has to say to you.
Say this sentence out loud, “My body has something to say.”
Speak about what your body has to say.

Your Energy is Beautiful Inside and Out. Love, Susan


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