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Being One With Peace A Little Each Day

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fotolia © gracel21

Today many people would really like to experience peace in the world and importantly, in their lives. What many of us don’t realize, the message of peace is dependent on each of us doing our part. And doing our part each moment of every day. “How?” you might ask. It is very simple – and that’s often the reason people ignore it, because it isn’t a long process, it is short, easy to do.

To be the message of peace each day, begin your day by taking a few moments to focus on your heart and as you continue this heart focus, breathing a little deeper, recall a time when you felt love or appreciation for someone, some place  or some thing (such as a pet) that brings you joy. Once you recall that time, remember the feeling you experienced and allow yourself, your body and mind, to “drop into” that feeling – just for a few moments. When you do this you increase the electro-magnetic energy that the heart generates and this extends out into the world around you. This energy sends love, kindness and peace which helps to create more harmony in your life and a more harmonious world.

This process takes only a few minutes, perhaps 2 – 5, or once you are in this feeling you may choose to move into a longer meditation. And note, a five minute meditation is extremely beneficial.

As you move into your busy day that may bring frustration or challenges and may even get out of control from time-to-time, when this happens, pause for just a few moments to focus on your heart, (utilizing the quick process above) and you will then make better decisions coming from your heart than from your head, and you will move through the stresses in your life with less harmful effects on your mind and body.

This sends a message of peace not only to your mind and body; it flows out into the world.

From this heartfelt energy it is much easier to be kind . . . to be kind to you and to be kind to others. Everyone deserves kindness, especially those who are the greatest challenges in our lives. The more kindness you show them, the less of a challenge they will be.

Remember, it is up to you to be the peace, the change, you want to see in the world. If each of us would spend a few moments a day sharing heartfelt kindness, being that positive change, just imagine how much better our lives and our world would be.

“I am the positive change.”

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