The 5 Steps of Kindness

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5 Steps of Kindness: Thinking about how we can be more kind to each other, here are a few ideas…

No. 5 – Make the world a cleaner place.

  • Pick up trash that you see along your way. Why?  You are helping make the world more
    fotolia  © Antonioguillem

    fotolia © Antonioguillem

    beautiful and if you do it with a smile, it even enhances the energy.

  • Clean up around your own home – inside and out. This creates more beauty and helps increase the positive energy around you.
  • Support organizations that create a safer environment by donating your time or your dollars.
  • Recycle all that you can: paper / glass / plastic – donate good unused or unwanted items to a homeless shelter or thrift shops that provide assistance to others in varying ways.
  • Plant a few trees or other plants – they clean our air.
  • Be a role model, many people observe your actions, always do your best.


fotolia © mangostock

fotolia © mangostock

No. 4 – Donate your time.

  • Volunteer for organizations that speak to your heart.
  • Read to children – your own, your grandchildren, at the library or even perhaps at a homeless shelter.
  • Get involved with groups that help set positive examples in the world.
  • Use your skills to help others learn or grow their business.


No. 3 – Help a friend or neighbor.

  • Bring the paper to the door for one of your neighbors, especially if they need a little extra
    fotolia © zahar2000

    fotolia © zahar2000


  • Take a batch of homemade cookies / brownies / cake / bowl of soup – it will brighten their day.
  • Do a project for them or help them with one – painting / gardening / moving furniture around. It’s more fun and gets done quicker with others.
  • Invite them over to get to know them better – ask them to bring something to share so you don’t have to provide everything. Several of us in our neighborhood have Wine Night once a month – rotating homes and sharing the snacks.

No. 2 – Random acts of kindness.

  • Leave your server an extra-large tip – especially when they’ve done a great job.

    fotolia © ftlaudgirl

    fotolia © ftlaudgirl

  • Help someone with their groceries – not all stores provide the service.
  • Leave a box of cookies for those who pick up your trash / letter carrier / UPS or FedEx.
  • Any of the items mentioned in 2 – 5.
  • Choose one day a week as RAK Day (Random Acts of Kindness Day) or do something every day.
  • Be creative and spontaneous when you are inspired to do something for someone.

No. 1 – Be kind to YOU!

  • Talk kindly to you – do not beat yourself up. Your Chatter does Matter, especially to you.

    fotolia © Jyll

    fotolia © Jyll

  • Take care of your body – get up and move around / exercise / eat well / get enough sleep.
  • Take Naps!
  • Carve out “Me” time – it can be time for a refreshing beverage / reading time / bubble baths / watching favorite movies – any number of things.
  • Take more naps!!! (I know I repeated that one, but to me, there is nothing better than a great refreshing power nap!
  • Appreciate you and all of your abilities and attributes.

Which one is your favorite? Mine is No. 2, but I love all of them and do my best to do them in some way every day.

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