What Freedoms Do You Enjoy?

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Lets Think About Freedom for a Moment.


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As around the world and especially here in Florida we are still healing from the massacre that happened in Orlando in June, it certainly caused me to pause and ponder what freedom means to me.

I have so many freedoms that many women around the world don’t have and I must admit, I sometimes take them for granted. Here are a few that might resonate with you whether man or woman:




  • To be born in the United States of America
  • Live where I want to live
  • Get as much education as I want
  • Choose the business that fits me
  • Own my own business
  • Choose my friends
  • Drive anywhere
  • Own my car
  • Vote
  • Have money, a bank account and credit card
  • Travel anywhere
  • Own my own home
  • Get married or not
  • Worship as I please
  • Read what pleases me
  • Watch what I want on TV
  • Have access to the Internet and social media without restriction
  • Live without fear of harm, terrorists or intruders
  • Write and publish a book of my choice

These are just a few that come to mind as I write this article, you may have more you would like to add.

I am very grateful I live in the USA and I can only imagine the challenges of women in other countries who want to learn more, but aren’t allowed to go to school and are illiterate because of ancient customs or religious rules. And those women who are forced into marriages, many of whom are beaten and expected to have as many children as possible and even tolerate other wives.

These concepts are so very foreign to me, I know that my independent spirit would probably cause me to suffer a lot or even be killed if I lived in one of those countries.

These are tumultuous times and with the forthcoming election, as challenging as the choices may be, be sure to cast your vote – it, like education, is one freedom they cannot ever take away.

What freedoms do you enjoy? Write them down and if you think of some that I have not listed, be sure to let me know.

As William Wallace said in Braveheart, “It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.”


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