This Year I’m Taking Charge!

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Design this holiday season with intention and watch the light take shape.

fotolia © Sunny studio

fotolia © Sunny studio

“The world in which we live has been created unconsciously by unconscious intentions. Every Intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not. Each word that you speak carries consciousness – more than that – it carries intelligence –and therefore it is intention that shapes the “light.” – Gary Zucov – Author of the Seat of the Soul and the Heart of the Soul

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could design the month of December to unfold exactly the way you want it to? No matter which holiday you will be celebrating, what if you were put in charge of designing the ideal holiday experience for you?

The truth is, you may not be able to control events that take place over the next month, but you have absolute control over how you experience them – and by using the power of intention, you can literally be in charge of your own joyful holiday experience.   Sound good?

Here’s how that works:

Designer Action #1 – Decide how you would like to feel about yourself, your world and all the people in it during the coming month and then create a simple intention statement that reflects those feelings.

Ex: This year, I intend for each day of the month of December to unfold for me with ease, fulfillment and joy.

Designer Action #2 – Purchase a package of blank 3 x 5 cards and divide them into two equal piles.

Each night, shortly before you go to bed, select a card from the first stack and write on it no more than seven things you intend “To Do” the next day. By limiting the number of items you intend to accomplish to just seven, you will avoid holiday overload and ensure a day of successful achievement. (Less will ALWAYS be more when it comes to holiday prep.)

On the same card, list seven ways you intend “To Be” while you accomplish your seven “To Do” items.

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Ex: As I cheerfully complete my seven tasks, I intend to be calm, centered, efficient, focused, kind, caring, and very wise.

Next, select a card from the second stack and write on it seven reasons why you are grateful for the day that has just passed. As the month progresses, many of the things you will feel grateful for each night will be the results of the intentions you set “to do” and “to be” the night before.

Place your gratitude card in a third pile and at the end of the week, review all seven gratitude cards. At the end of the second week, review all 14 cards. At the end of the third week, all 21 cards and just before New Year’s Eve, review all 28 cards. The accumulation of 196 reasons to be grateful in less than a month will be very enlightening. Consistent expressions of gratitude will increase your prosperity, improve your health, harmonize your relationships and deepen your Spirituality and Joy.

Designer Action #3 The next morning, put your “To Do/To Be” card from the night before somewhere that you will see it all day – on your desk perhaps or taped to the back of your cell phone, so that you can systematically follow your plan.

Then sit for a few quiet minutes and orient yourself in preparation for the new day.

Reverently repeat your general intention. This year, I intend for each day of the month of December to unfold for me with ease, fulfillment and joy.

Then make a few other intention statements to insure your well-being:

Ex: I Intend to experience only robust good Health throughout today – including enough energy to complete everything on my “To Do” list. I also Intend to support my body in my thoughts, my words and my deeds.

Ex: I Intend Abundance to reveal itself throughout my day today. I intend to receive expected income and to be open to receive unexpected income as well in the form of gifts, surprises and new opportunities. I am blessed by the gifts that I have and I am open to receive more.

Ex: I Intend to foster Harmony throughout my day today. I intend to work and play in harmony with everyone I meet. Today I look for ways to nurture harmonious relationships in my own world and throughout the whole world.

If you don’t live your life with clear intention, you ultimately live it by default. Either way there will be surprises, but the deck of the Universe is always stacked in your favor, and if you are clear about what you want, you’ll more likely to get it.

Setting clear intentions and following through on them allows you to be in charge of the way you experience your life. And truth be told, life doesn’t get much better than that.


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