A New Year of Innovation!

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 New Connections,Ways of Thinking, Living and It’s All Conscious Shifting

fotolia © Pixelbliss

fotolia © Pixelbliss

As I prepared to write about the 2017 astrological forecast, it suddenly dawned on me that we are currently in a major transit (Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries both squaring Pluto in Capricorn) that asks us to leave old ways of thinking and organizing our lives behind. To relate differently to others in a new way and to change our old patterns. We need a NEW way of doing the usual. So with that in mind, I want to talk about 2017, which is a “one” year in numerology, as a year of our own creation, of new beginnings in many ways. 2016 was a “nine” year in numerology, which signifies endings to the way things have been in the past. Many of us have experienced dramatic spiritual and physical and material shifts this past year, as we end a cycle and begin another anew. So as we move forward, I am trying a new way of sharing astrological information, instead of listing the aspects and talking about the future as if we can predict it. It’s my belief that we CREATE our own futures.

So how can we look at Astrology with new eyes? With new ways of sharing astrological information? I believe it is moving from a fear-based view of astrology that we’ve had during the age of Pisces and letting astrology evolve into a very personal tool in the age of Aquarius. (Aquarius is the planet of big change, innovation and astrology!) In other words, bringing astrology out of the closet! To see astrology in a new light, as a tool for our own enlightenment, not to wield advantage over others or to get one up in a relationship, as was often done in the past. But instead to develop it into something more Aquarian or innovative and enlightening. Let’s use astrology to learn about our own inner workings and how our personal birth chart is being affected by the planetary alignments. To use it for collective growth and good in the world.

To me, that starts with each individual (Aquarius) knowing their own chart. Not looking to those in power to change things for us. But knowing your own gifts, your strengths and passions, and where you might need help from others. We have moved away from a mindset of needing others, to one of alienation and loneliness. We relate more to our cell phones than to those people around us. Jupiter in Libra is now here (since Sept 9, 2016) and will be with us most of this coming year to change all that. We will begin to see gifts from Jupiter coming through our relationships, through our connection to others.

During the last five years, we have had Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn breaking down our old ways, our institutions, our traditions, and sadly, our earth. But Jupiter in Libra comes in to give us the opportunity to rebuild and start working together as a collective (Uranus) of courageous people (Aries) in developing new ways to live, to teach, to relate, to govern, to exist on earth. Standing Rock is a great example of this as the collective (Uranus) people from all walks of life globally (Jupiter), to stand up against the corporations, the people in power, who threaten our planet with destruction (Pluto in Capricorn) because they are unwilling to change to new sources of energy which Uranus (innovative science) brings to us all.

fotolia  © michael spring

fotolia © michael spring

Personally, we have also experienced this tug between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries as struggles in our lives to change up the way we play out Capricorn energy (our career purpose, our commitment in relationships, our need for respect and honor, our loyalty to businesses, etc.). In essence, all those things our fathers taught us. Capricorn also rules the father or authority archetype. Uranus in Aries has brought new awareness into our psyches of how to change, how to follow our own passions, to stand up with courage for those beliefs we hold dear, to see our own flaws and strengths. But most of all, Uranus in Aries, has shown us that we as individuals following our passions (Aries), have great strength in numbers, in a collective effort (Uranus). Strength to change the old patterns, the old institutions, the way we have lived in the past and bring us all into the new age of Aquarius.

So for the coming New Year, make a resolution to get to know your own chart, your gifts to the world, your purpose and take action to make it happen. As a group of more conscious individuals taking action to improve our lives as a collective, we offer hope to the world and to ourselves that people in power can no longer give us (Pluto in Capricorn).

Make the shift, make a difference, because each one of you has a purpose and a gift to share. Figure out what it is, have the courage to develop and share it, and then in December 2017, look back at all you have accomplished! The planets are supporting you in this during 2017. Happy New Year, make it one of hope and inspiration that well up from inside of YOU!


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