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What You Focus On Expands

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Did you know that the more ‘dominant’ thoughts you have in any given day (whether it’s chronic worry or positive expectation) – dictate a frequency that actually magnetizes ‘more of the same’ to you? If you replied ‘YES and my life is fabulous thank you very much’ then you might want to read something else. But if you replied ‘I tried that law of attraction stuff and it doesn’t work for me’ then I invite you to read on, because IT IS working for you – just maybe not in the way you want. We’ll change that!

Are you constantly worried about the loss of your job, how you’re going to pay that stack of bills, or if you have to resign yourself to being overweight or in a bad relationship?

If ‘life is hard’ is your ‘go to’ – it’s OK, I won’t tell anyone. But once you know where your predominant thoughts are most of the time, and how to more mindfully line up your thoughts with your desires, your life will begin to go in a more positive direction quickly. Sound good?

Think right now of some long held desire you’ve had over the years. Is it to own a home? Meet the love of your life? Get out of debt? With that thought (or thoughts) in mind, consider first if you believe that desire is even possible. “Yes I WANT to meet the love of my life but there are NO GOOD MEN (OR WOMEN) out there!”

Aha! So to review…. the primary thought is “I don’t believe there are any good potential mates out there. All my exes are lying, cheating, jerks.”  Every time you think about this desire ‘I want to meet the love of my life’ but underneath that desire you think you never will, the ones you meet are sketchy, you are attracting/reinforcing that you WON’T meet him or her and/or you keep attracting bad relationships. Stay with me here. We are going to work this out.

But what if you could change your thoughts so that you WOULD get more of what you want and less of what you don’t? I invite you to play along by picking a desire and then take a few moments to fill in the blanks below to identify your blocks first.

I would love to have, be or do _____________________________

Do I believe I can have it? ________________________________

Why or why not?________________________________________

What thoughts do I tell myself when I focus on this desire?_____________________________________________________________

What belief do I need to change in order to shift this?__________________________________________________________________

For example:

fotolia © Marek

fotolia © Marek

I really would love to meet and marry my soul mate partner, but I believe it is hard to find a good person and I don’t really think it will happen. I constantly tell myself that maybe it’s just not meant to be, that I’m too old, my standards are too high, and I have too many cats, etc.

Guess what? You ARE using the law of attraction by focusing on what you want and the reasons you can’t have it MORE than focusing on what you want and the reasons you CAN have it.

The key here is to shift your thinking to why it is possible more often than in the ‘Negative Nellie’ mode. I invite you to use a few simple steps to do just that:

  1. Start with getting clear on what you want and why you want it.
  2. Use the questions/fill in the blanks above to get clarity.
  3. Make a visual picture of what your desire would look like. Vision boards and posters work great for this.
  4. Spend time in prayer (and possibly with a good therapist) to be willing to believe that something better is possible for you. Repeat often: ‘I am willing to believe I deserve a wonderful partner’ for example. Then take action to resolve/forgive the past, heal underlying beliefs, and participate in activities that make you feel more positive.
  5. Make physical space for this desire in your life. Make room in your closet for your new wife/husband’s things. Park on your side of the garage. Treat yourself with love and respect.
  6. Affirm each morning that ‘I am willing to believe my life is unfolding in divine order and things are getting better for me today.’ Repeat often! Fake it til you make it if necessary.
  7. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day to visualize your intention(s), focus on your vision board, and imagine how it would feel to see/have this change in your life.
  8. Let it go and move forward with your life. You’ll be amazed at how things will unfold in divine timing when you’re in charge of your thoughts and let God/the universe do the rest!


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