A Battle of Two Worlds: Light Your Life

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Purpose Vision and Love

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The world can be tough, violent, and unforgiving. The world can also be kind, empathetic, beautiful, wondrous, and loving. Which of these two worlds will we find? Most often we will find a combination of both. Which one we live in is by our choice.

There are many types of mindsets we foster to navigate our relationship with the world and its challenges:

  • There are those who believe things won’t change and leave it at that.
  • There are those who Find a Way.
  • Many use every setback as an excuse.
  • There are those who have been blessed with much and end up with nothing.
  • Others have battled with unimaginable obstacles yet have reached levels of fulfillment and achievement reserved for champions.
  • There are those who always find the courage, the will, and the commitment to persevere.
  • Some of us just skim along the deep waters while others dive in and immerse themselves in the world they live.

That is where meaning, purpose, vision, and loving become clear.

Diving Into the Depths

As your game plays out in this world, you choose to celebrate all that is good or protest all that is not. Relationships with others and the world are fulfilling and satisfying when we choose to look for good and by so doing, will most likely find it.

This moment, this day, this life is what we choose to make of it. Give this life your best effort until there is none to give.

It is there you will realize beneath our fears, anxieties, and heartache — is love. Love is the catalyst that binds all together. That’s not love in the emotional sense, but love meaning giving our best moment after moment, doing what is right day after day. Having a Passion for Good and Doing Good with a Passion!

The Real Game

We are competing in this game, the game of life, for something bigger than ourselves. To get the most out of yourself, you must have strength and purpose. Compete in this life with meaningful purpose. Not only for a tangible goal but for something bigger. It’s your heart and soul’s desire. It’s the substance of all dreams.

Life is filled with competition, adversity, detours, twists and turns – a roller coaster of emotions. Our souls are hungry for something larger than ourselves. Hungry to make a difference in a positive fashion. It is in this arena when you give more than you take. You become truly alive and find joy in the journey through life. The implications of this game are long-term and echo into eternity.

The real game in this world is not about accumulating money or acquiring notoriety. Success in this game is to give of ourselves to make the small world around us better by being the light in the darkness and reflecting the light when we are blessed to be living in it.

Scripture states, “Many are called but few are chosen because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life.” It is also written, “I heard a voice saying, whom shall we send? Who will go for us?” The call is for everyone, not just a select few. Some of us hear the call, others don’t heed the call. Some respond then turn back because it is always the hard road.

Send ME!

The call is not actually audible. It is your willful desire to do good. Have a Passion for Good and Do Good with a Passion! To do your best not only for yourself but to give your best to the world. There is something within each of us that determines whether we hear the call of our purpose — the desire to make the world better and be part of something we couldn’t do alone. To do good even if it doesn’t immediately benefit self.

When the inaudible voice asks, “Whom shall we send? Who will go for us?”

“Here I am! SEND ME!” says the one who is truly alive in the game of life.






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