A Different Take on Consciousness

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We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Oscar Wilde

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Definition consciousness: ‘the state of being aware of, and responsive to one’s surroundings’ ‘a person’s awareness or perception of something’.

Our understanding of consciousness is based on the presence or absence of experienced phenomena. A person is said to be conscious when they experience something as ‘Real’. In contrast, if a person experiences nothing they are deemed to be unconscious (without conscious awareness). Therefore it would appear that our state of consciousness is based on what we personally experience as being ‘Real’ within our self. Consequently a ‘Shift in Consciousness’ must take place within us before we will perceive our ‘Reality’ in a different way.

According to some psychologists we only experience five states of consciousness, or brainwave activity which broadly relate to the following categories:

Alpha – A Relaxed Centered State: To Day Dream of our Most Cherished Desires

Beta – Individual Conscious State: To be Conscious of Existing in a Defined State Gamma – A Contemplative State: To Be Aware of a State of Peace and Contentment Delta – Deep Sleep – Unconscious State: To Be Subliminally Impressed with our Intention  Theta – Receptive State:  To Change ‘Reality’ by Self- Suggestion or Hypnosis\

However the Wisdom of the ancient Phoenicians, which is conveyed through the Spoken Word of the Sacred Alphabet, takes us on an Inner Journey through the ‘Process of Self- Creation’ when we learn that our awareness develops through seven stages from ‘Embryo to Enlightenment’ as we become more ‘Conscious of Being Alive’; ‘Conscious of Pleasure or Pain’; and ‘Conscious of Interaction with our physical World’. Then following a Mysterious ‘Shift of Consciousness’ which takes place within us we become ‘Conscious of Vital Energy’; ‘Conscious of Prophecy’; ‘Conscious of Pure Magic’; until finally we are ‘Conscious of Wholeness in Heaven’.

Nevertheless while our developing consciousness has limited understanding then our ‘Perception of Reality’ is also limited, until we experience new sensations within us and begin to observe ‘Life’ in many ways which are yet inconceivable to our inexperienced awareness. Ultimately it is our conscious awareness which determines the physical world we see around us, since we can only be conscious of what we now ‘Feel is Real’. However we can learn to control our thoughts through our Feelings, for brainwave activity is regulated by the sensations we feel in our Heart, Soul, and Body. Therefore by continuing to feel and declare our self to be what we know we already are in Essence, the Light in the air we breathe is transformed into vibrant energy in the cells of our body and changes our feeling of Wanting into the sensation of now Living in our Desired State, which alters our brainwave activity.

Even so, that which appears to be ‘Real’ in our world is a delusion, for what we are seeing is according to our own limited perception of the Magical Light which surrounds us, and never actually changes form. And although we are always breathing in Pure White Light, it is modified by the ever changing colourful stories and dramas that we now feel are real and have declared to be true’. Subsequently once we feel the presence of a new sensation vibrating within our Heart, Soul and Body our perception of our world changes, for a ‘Shift of Consciousness’ has taken place within us and our whole world now appears to be transformed.

Nevertheless while still focusing our attention on the physical world around us, which appears to be our only ‘Reality’, we neglect our Magical World Within, in which everything is already conceived Perfect ‘Within the Beginning’. And because of our present limited perception we continue to be deluded by our conscious conclusion that we are totally reliant on outer resources.

Hence when renouncing our personal dramas of tragedy we feel a Peace which Passes all Understanding as we return to a ‘State of Grace’, as it is Within the Beginning. For when we are conscious of being One with the Magical Light in Heaven we realize that we never left Paradise and our Life on Earth is but a dream of our own invention. Thus having nurtured our immature consciousness through seven stages of gestation from ‘Embryo to Enlightenment’, we hear confirmation of our Immaculate Conception from our Soul Mate which forever remains in a State of Perfection in the Pure Magical Light Within, which is now reflected as a physical manifestation in our world.


About Christine Brydon: Christine has an M.A. in the Performance of Healing Ceremonies. And after searching for solutions to alleviate the suffering of people who experience ‘Pain’, Christine realized that ancient wisdom provides the answer. The answer, which reveals that it is a matter of ‘Healer, First Heal Thy Self!’. Christine can be reached at : christine_aureola@yahoo.co.uk






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