A Single Drop of Rain

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The Power of Collective Consciousness

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A gentle rain hits the window sill by my desk. How often do we focus on the simple, yet powerful acts of nature that truly change our lives? The gentle rain drop when combined with other drops of rain create great rivers, that carve through millions of tons of rock to produce many of the natural wonders of our world. When it is a simple, gentle drop of rain, we give it no attention, we treat it as an inconvenience. We focus only on the beauty that the rain drop helps create.

Within each of us is the energy that has created the drop of rain, along with all that we can see in the night sky and beyond. Yet, how often do we access this energy for our best interest, or for the greater good of humanity? Oftentimes we feel insignificant in our effort to affect positive change throughout the world, but when we think of a single rain drop, and the river, we see that collectively, we can do wonders. We must realize that when we access the energy of all creation, we are tapping into the unlimited forces of love, kindness and compassion; in other words, tapping into the river of life.

What if we were to reach out across ethic barriers, racial stereotypes, and national borders to discover those who are drawn to this energy as well? Those who are seeking a shift in world consciousness as we are? Would we feel as small as a single drop of rain, or would we become as powerful as the mighty rivers on our planet?

If we were to accept that we are indeed the creators of our own reality, then why do we accept what other people have told us without question or unbiased investigation? Could we choose to challenge the status quo, and begin to change this level of thinking, thus raising the consciousness of those around us? When like-minded people join together for a common cause, they will be as strong as a river, with nothing stopping them. They will find a way around any obstacle, and their perseverance will weaken any roadblock. This is the power of critical mass, when people unite for a conscious change in our world.

To accomplish the strength of a river and achieve critical mass for the greater good of all, we must be willing to set aside our petty differences. Whether they are cultural, religious, or national, these differences should not be our focus. We can then use the strength of our commonalities to become a driving force for positive change.

How do we do this? By accepting ourselves as one with each other—you—me—us. Meaning, when the raindrop meets the river there is no separation between the drop of rain and the river.

So too is it with humans, even though we see ourselves as individuals, we are one with all of humanity, there is no separation. What affects one person or ethic group, affects all of us. Reaching critical mass is understanding that we are the river, and that we can and should attempt to raise the consciousness of everyone, for the greater good of all beings on Earth.

We are all one with each other, just like the rain drops in the river, there is no “them,” only us. From this powerful acceptance, the energy of critical mass and higher consciousness, we will be able to cut through solid rock, just like a simple rain drop, for the benefit of all.






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