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Conscious Shift Magazine is an online Community where new ideas are taking root for our changing world.  We are an online magazine, video network, and book publishing Community that is focused on the changes that are happening in our world today.  We take on ideas that are outside the mainstream and present them in an intelligent, and understandable manner. We take the should out of everyday life and give you information that is balanced and leaves you feeling like you could do anything you set your mind to.

We understand that our readers are Conscious and  curious about the Shift that is taking place in our world today.  It’s our goal to help cut through the hype and confusion while creating a new way to see things, a way that allows readers to break it all down and make the best decisions for themselves, their family and the Community as a whole.

Our job is to provide a platform that allows you to navigate your own personal in-between. We do that by providing content for the enlighten reader, connecting likeminded products and services with likeminded customers, and empower writers to get the written word published while retaining all of their legal assets.

That’s just part of what we do in our Conscious Community.  Contact us today to see what new ideas can take root for you and your world.  Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

We look forward to Consciously Shifting with you

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