Accepting All That Is – (Even if We Don’t Like it)

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Many of us are on a journey, in search of inner contentedness, happiness, and joy. We know these feelings of deep peace and well-being aren’t fed by our outer world of striving, craving and do-ing. Instead, they are nurtured by the inner world of be-ing. We know this, yet being happy and content with our current circumstances – our current be-ingness – is sometimes a difficult assignment; especially if what we have is not what we want!

We’ve been taught to work hard, strive toward our goals, and desire that which we do not have. We use phrases such as, “After I finish this project”, “Once I get to”, “When school is out we will” to describe our current state of unease. We will be happier – different – better off – once such and such happens or we arrive at some unknown place or state of health.

All these phrases are future-oriented. We are not OK doing what we are currently doing, being who we are at this moment. We are looking, seeking something we don’t have. This state of forward-thinking does not bring us joy, fulfillment or happiness. In fact, it often leads us down the road of drama and victim-hood. We’ve all been there – blaming our circumstances or another person, instead of looking deep within and accepting that we create our reality. The outer world, including the people in your life, are mirrors reflecting back to you challenges and potential areas of growth. Of course it’s our choice – it’s always our choice – whether we actually take responsibility for our actions and choices.

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If instead of blaming others, we focus on being grateful for our current state of affairs, whatever it may be, we touch into the energy of inner peace and contentment. If we view our present circumstances, even those parts that we want to change, as opportunities, not pitfalls, we rest in the energy of acceptance and gratitude. We can still want more – but wanting more from a state of acceptance, not lack, is the essential part.

So how do we reside in this state of gratitude and appreciation, especially when we want something different? The answer lies in understanding and practicing gratitude. As we wash the dishes, being thankful for our home and the food we eat. As we begin our workday, being grateful that we have a paycheck. As we say hello to our neighbor, being thankful for friendships. As we run into a situation of woe-is-me, being grateful for the chance to meditate on what’s beneath the victim energy. Are we in need of love or validation?

Yes, we can desire a bigger house or a different job. However, by being grateful for what we do have, we send a powerful message to the Universe. As we surround ourselves with feelings of inner peace and contentment, we bask in the energy of accepting all that is.

This state of being fully present in all parts of your life, even those parts that you want to change, allows you to be content with life. Yes, you can still want more, but by not resisting what you have now, you are in the vibration of abundance, not lack.

You’ve changed the frequency with which you want – that’s the key. That is the heart of living in joy – surrounding ourselves in gratitude.

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