Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go.

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I loved receiving this message from Archangel Gabriel in the early 1990’s. It demonstrated a bit of angelic humor. The operative word that struck me most deeply was “how far you think you have to go.”

Obviously at the time I was in a fast-moving portion of my life, growing personally and spiritually as quickly as possible, while starting a new business working with the Angels. Being in the business world was completely overwhelming for me at that moment, but I was convinced I could create work that was based in spiritual principles and stay in that center while my business grew. This, of course, created a spiritual incubator that kept the learning experiences coming fast, deep and strong. When one goal was met, I was on to the next one without a breath in between.

This message was meant to draw me back into present-time awareness; especially to get out of my head and remain in my heart so I could truly notice that I was encountering milestone events practically daily. Add to this was the fact that I was actually handling them reasonably well for a novice entrepreneur. The messages from Archangel Gabriel were reaching thousands of people, bridging Heaven to Earth and bringing peace to Earth one person at a time, as my mission statement in 1994 stated. These situations needed to be acknowledged, and my inner spirit had to be validated for this powerful time of awakening in my life.

Not a lot has changed in many ways 20 years later; all the same principles still apply. That form of my business disintegrated so that it could morph into a new form for this day and age. What is different is that we are all having this experience. If you are reading this article, you are doing your best to live your life in alignment with spiritual principles. In 2014 we have gotten the “memo” that our lives are meant to align our spirit in the world. We are diligently discovering what it means to live in the world but not of the world. We are doing our best to bring as much Divine Light into our lives as we can remember, moment to moment. All that we are working on is in the name of becoming more conscious and spiritualizing our lives so that we can take advantage of the magic in this new time.

So in this message your soul, in conjunction with Archangel Gabriel, is saying:

“We know you are busy and have a lot going on in your life. We love you and see how hard you are working on yourself. And we would just like to encourage you to slow down enough to acknowledge yourself for how far you have come in this life before you go on to the next thing.

“For just a moment stop and breathe in how truly wonderful it is that you are focused on raising your consciousness. Remember how important that is to the world. Do your best to actually feel the steps you have taken and how you have changed even though it may seem as though your life is not any different.

“The plateau before manifestation can often feel bleak, and can fool you into thinking nothing is happening. This is your ego-mind speaking and not your heart. Your heart knows the truth that you are awesomely inspiring your gifts to come into the world in a beautiful way. See that, feel that and acknowledge that truth — even for a moment before you move on.”

How you live your life has a great deal to do with awakening the consciousness on the Earth. When you have dedicated your life to your spiritual growth, doing the best you can to live to your fullest capacity, this is truly an important moment of awareness and needs to be acknowledged.

Know that your soul’s gifts are beginning to manifest daily. Your attention to this fact will cause it to accelerate and become even more powerful. This is true if you do not negate it by wishing it were happening faster, and focusing on the lack rather than the truth of what is. Though it may seem slow at the moment, we are actually experiencing a nearly warp speed acceleration of consciousness on the Earth.

Taking a breath and a moment to clearly see how far you have come in life as your soul is growing, will help you to feel acknowledged, nurtured and empowered to keep on keeping on. This is true even though at times it feels as though you are slogging through warm jello, sometimes it may be like you are hacking through a thick jungle, and other times it feels like surfing a monster wave. Kowabunga!

When you take a step back from your life to give yourself a little perspective, notice how hard you are trying to live your intentions and give acknowledgement to yourself as a spiritual being in a physical world. It is time well spent. You so deserve all the goodness that is waiting for you to receive it. The heavens are rejoicing at the momentous growth of those who are serving the Light.

May I join the realms of Awakening Truth to offer my gratitude to you from an elder perspective. Thank you for your willingness, your dedication to your soul’s growth and to the evolution of the planet. You have made and will continue to make a big difference.


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