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Conscious Shift Magazine/Community is a unique and effective way for you to tap into today’s ever-growing digital media audience. Strengthen your sales efforts and broaden your brand awareness, all while bringing new customers to you. With Conscious Shift Publications your potential is unlimited.

Our Goal: to cut through the hype and dogma of the past while offering a platform rich in relevant content and unlimited reach. Conscious Shift Publications is the go-to spot for information about what is Conscious and Shifting in the world of, Healthy Living, Wellness, Alternative Medicine and Quantum Possibility.

Our reader:  The educated and market-savvy customer known in today’s market as the green customer. “Green Customers” consist of the market savvy buyer who wants quality, Eco-friendly and sustainable products or services, and a connection-based experience that leaves them feeling good about working with you.

If your business is in the business of reaching Conscious customers, take advantage of a market trend that has reached critical mass and shows no sign of slowing. It’s time to Consciously Shift your business and see what new possibilities are taking root.


Demographics- Who’s checking us out?

Tap into a demographic that spent an estimated at $400 billion last year on green, connection-based, quality businesses and services like yours. Align with a resource on the forefront of  the Shift taking place in the market right NOW.

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Average reader to Conscious Shift

  • Smart Phone owners estimated 105.5 million in the U.S.
  • Social and environmentally aware customers with an average income of $75,000
  • Influenced by brand image and least price sensitive
  • Makes buying decisions for the family and influences friends



 Distribution- How to find us ?

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When venturing into marketing possibility with Conscious Shift Magazine, you are utilizing the most tractable form of marketing available today. The Internet.

At the end of each month there are no wasted magazines left to be thrown away; every magazine, newsletter and update we send out reaches our reader through the convenience of their computer, laptop, tablet and phone. You are literally in the homes, purses and pockets of your customer. All of our subscribers and 85,000 + monthly followers get your information and in a format they can hold on to indefinitely.


 Shelf Life- No Expiration Date !

Conscious Shift Community publishes two editions every month and sends out weekly and daily Shifting information through social media and direct email.  This translates into

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your advertising dollar working every every day of every month.  No more worries about print overruns or wasted print editions.  Every one of our subscribers receives a copy of Conscious Shift. Your paid advertising and marketing information gets to our Community of Conscious Shifters. Now is the time to Consciously Shift the way you get noticed in the market place.



Packages starting at $195.00 per month

Contact us today to get more information about marketing and branding packages tailored to meet your needs.

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