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Most people are born with natural talents and strengths and sometimes even a strong sense of purpose at a very young age.  Unfortunately, many of us as adults remain unaware of what we are really good at doing.  As we grow up, we are influenced by our parents and their expectations as well as their feedback to our ideas and behaviors.  Then as we go out into the world, we are also influenced by our environment, our colleagues, our friends, extended family; literally everyone we encounter along the way.  Even the responses we get from people we hardly know can influence our life path.  So it’s no secret that who we are and our chosen career path is formed by our inborn traits and partly from our environment, events and the people we encounter in life.  Sometimes the people in our lives influence us in a good, supportive way, but oftentimes their expectations and criticisms can alter or modify our true calling.

This Part of Fortune tells us what types of work and activity will make us most fulfilled.

What if you could look at your birth chart and really see what you are best equipped to do in this life and where you would mostly likely find wealth and happiness in the material world, including your health?  The Part of Fortune point in the natal chart (birth chart) really helps us to discover those careers and life purpose that we are called to do because of our inborn traits.  It is not a planet or star, but a point (Arabic Part) that is calculated off other positions in your chart.  It is calculated on the position of your Ascendant (or Rising Sign), your Sun, and your Moon.  This Part of Fortune tells us what types of work and activity will make us most fulfilled and therefore, will also attract wealth, happiness, and good fortune to our lives.

For example, if your Part of Fortune is in Cancer in the Fifth House of Children, you would do well to be working in a career involving children and some nurturing aspect such as teaching, motherhood, or daycare in the home. If your Part of Fortune is in Capricorn in the Tenth House, you may be more suited to a career in the corporate world or in a traditional type institution that deals with humanitarian efforts or technology.  The house of your birth chart in which your Part of Fortune falls tells us the area of your passions in life and the sign it’s in tells us how that passion is best expressed in order for you to find joy and attract abundance into your life.   Any good aspects to the Part of Fortune also tells us supporting resources you have built into your life to support you on such a path and any hard aspects to that Part of Fortune can give us clues as to obstacles you may need to overcome in order to express your best self.

Others are already living in accordance with their Part of Fortune

In my work with clients reading their birth charts, I have found that most people feel a sense of validation just by hearing that those passions they once dreamed about or just “knew” they should be doing could in fact be the right path for them to take.  This helps them overcome any parental or societal input that may have altered their life path in another direction.  They often feel a sense of relief knowing that their dreams and passions are indeed real, could actually bring joy and money into their lives and that the stars confirm this, if only they have the courage to change and follow their passions.  Others are already living in accordance with their Part of Fortune and using their natural talents. For them, an astrological birth chart reading is also validating the knowledge that they are already on a path that expresses their best traits. This alone spurs further growth in their choices to live their passion.  Either way, a birth chart reading gives the client enormous information about themselves and their talents and how to best express them in the world!


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