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The Road Less Traveled

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Famed New England poet Robert Frost, wrote a poem titled, “The Road Not Taken.” In the poem Frost describes how he chose the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference. This can be easy to understand in the physical world, but can we choose the road less traveled when it comes to the journey of raising our consciousness?

Is it possible to find the courage to travel the road not often taken and look within ourselves to seek our own inner truth, and then begin to live by this truth? The road everyone else is traveling can be so comforting, we lose touch with the truth of who we are as we walk with others.

This may not be best for us, but at times it may be easier than being alone.

The thing about walking the road less traveled, is we begin to shed many of our fears as we learn to trust ourselves in unfamiliar situations. In doing so, we gain confidence in our ability to question what we have been taught by those on the crowded road. It is here where we begin to shift our consciousness and then use this new awareness to navigate the ever-changing world around us.

Frost writes about taking time to contemplate the choices before him. One road well worn, while the other overgrown. Our uncertainty can be similar to that of the poet. Which road do we take?

One familiar, the other filled with many unknowns. What happens when we begin the journey of looking within ourselves to discover the truth of who we are?

What will we find, and would we disturb old wounds that have yet to be healed?

Can we accept that the road not often taken is where healing will take place? In the stillness of a journey within, we begin to hear the voice of our true selves, the voice founded in self-love. Often we dismiss this loving voice because we may mistake it for nonsense. In the noise of the well-traveled road, our focus can be elsewhere, not on raising our consciousness through healing ourselves. We choose the untraveled path because we want to heal our wounds, move past our limiting beliefs, and live a self-loving life.

Frost didn’t know what would be around the next bend, none of us do, but he took the chance anyway, knowing it would be better than following the crowd. Who knows what he experienced along the way. No one knows what we will experience along the way either, but as we take the road less traveled we will come face to face with the lessons we need to learn to elevate our consciousness.

Many believe there is no reason to walk an unfamiliar path. They may be unwilling to challenge themselves to do the inner work to raise their level of consciousness. What if we came to accept that the destination of this journey is a place of pure, unconditional love?

This love is the foundation of who we are, and it may not  be found on the crowded, well-worn road others travel.

By excepting this love as a way of life, we begin to recognize this love within ourselves, and in everyone else as well. Even though they may not feel this love, or have a difficult time accepting this love, it is in everyone, even those who appear challenging.

As we continue down the road less traveled, we begin to recognize that life is a place of great learning. In each situation we face, we will see opportunities to find positive lessons. These lessons are meant to raise our consciousness. It is in this elevated state of awareness where we have the greatest chance to affect the world in a positive way. But to notice these lessons we must separate ourselves from the crowd and walk a path few have the courage to walk.

With the new year upon us, what path are we going to choose, the same old path we have been walking? Or do we see the year ahead as a chance to move beyond our limiting beliefs and effect positive change in the world.

Choosing to do the inner work to discover the truth of who we are, is where we become the most loving, and truthful with ourselves and those we meet along the way. As Frost writes, choosing the road less traveled has made all the difference. It will in our lives as well.




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