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I did a little research on this and found many articles which substantiate my thoughts on the relationship between oxidative stress and inflammation.

Oxidative stress is viewed as an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and their elimination by protective mechanisms, which can lead to chronic inflammation. Oxidative stress can activate a variety of transcription factors, which lead to the differential expression of some genes involved in inflammatory pathways. The inflammation triggered by oxidative stress is the cause of many chronic diseases.

Hindawi, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation, 2016

This article goes on to say that inflammation leads to an increased uptake of oxygen, resulting in an increased release of free radicals. The inflammatory response also increases production of substances that further recruit inflammatory cells to the site of damage, resulting in the production of more reactive species. In simple terms, inflammation triggers a cycle that produces more inflammation, and the cycle is accompanied by an increase in oxidative stress.

This fact that there is relationship between inflammation and oxidative stress became more apparent to me the longer I took C60 and the more I spoke to people who took C60. The people I knew who took C60 took it because it eliminated or reduced their pain. I started taking C60 because I had heel pain which it did eliminate after a few weeks. Inflammation existed, and the C60 seemed to reduce or eliminate it for several people who tried it.

Those of us who are spreading the word about this miraculous substance normally talk about what a powerful antioxidant it is. I guess that is something that can be measured and so we can make that positive claim. When a supplement is not FDA approved, we have to (and want to) be very careful about making claims. Those of us who normally use more holistic modes of treatment for our ailments know that what works for one person does not work for everyone and I still believe that but C60 does seem to be in a class of its own.

Some months ago, I had this ugly fungus on my chest. I tried all my “all-stars’’ creams and salves which did nothing. I finally went to the doctor who prescribed some pills that did little to get rid of it. Just a few weeks later Fuller Life introduced a C60 cream. I purchased some and put it directly on the fungus. That fungus was stubborn, and it took weeks to heal, but it did eliminate it when nothing else did.

The benefits of taking C60 have been many and varied for me. I am not sure there is any medical correlation from heal pain to fungus but C60 has become my go to supplement/salve when something comes up.

Look for my next article and I will write out the testimonials from people and the many ways C60 has helped them. There are tons of information on the web too but I believe the FullerLifeC60 patented product has been proven to me to the most powerful antioxidant one can buy.

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