An Exercise In Finding (And Keeping) Your Inner Beauty

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We’ve all seen them – the men and women that radiate a certain inner glow. They are not model thin, and they do not necessarily have beautiful hair or wear expensive clothes, yet they shine from the inside out. We can see it in their eyes. We intuitively know that they’ve worked their baggage and come out on the other side. They are full of serenity, at peace with who they are, and appear to love themselves fully and completely, warts and all.

So how do we get to this place of loving ourselves fully and completely?

For me, it’s been a gradual process of peeling away the layers of self-doubt, unworthiness, and self-degradation. Learning not to judge; myself or others. Finding my true north, and living life my way.

Exercise: Being Yourself – Always and Only

  1. Sit in meditation with your eyes closed and your feet flat on the floor. Bring all your awareness to the center of your head. Between your ears, and behind your eyes is the seat of your intuitive awareness. On the inhale, imagine gathering up all of your energy in a big ball and having it come to rest right in the middle of your third eye.
  2. Now, on the exhale, imagine placing an energy cord around your hips, allowing it to drop all the way to the center of the planet. Allow all excess energy and thoughts that interfere with your peaceful centered state to flow down the grounding cord returning to Mother Earth.
  3. Inhale and center, exhale and ground.
  4. Next bring your awareness to the following question: How much of my life is lived the way others’ want me to live? Think about the house you live in, the car you drive, the activities you engage in and the job you have.
  5. See a scale out in front of your closed eyes. On the left is zero and on the right is 100. Ask the scale to show you the percentage of your life that is spent living the life other your friends and family expect you to live. Asked another way: how much of your time and energy is spent striving to please other people?
  6. Don’t be disturbed if you see a fairly high number on your scale. There is no judgment here. We all acquiesce, to some degree or another, putting our needs and wants second. This is just a check-in, a way for you to gauge whether the life you are leading is full of other peoples’ wishes and dreams or your own.
  7. As you come out of meditation, begin to write about what you’ve discovered. Would you change something if you could? Would you live in a different home? Have a different job? Hang with different people?

Living up to someone else’s expectation of who they think we should be is physically and emotionally draining. If we are constantly hiding behind the mask of pretense, we can’t be true to ourselves.

However, as we learn to differentiate our wants and desires from the wants and desires of others, we come to trust our inner wisdom and make outward changes to the pattern of our lives. As this happens, and we realize, deep within our souls, that we are living life our way, we radiate joy out into the world, affecting everyone around us.

Inner Beauty – Being Ourselves and Loving It.

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