Angel Violet’s Magic Wings

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Angel Violet’s Magic Wings by Bonnie Snyder


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Angel Violet’s Magic Wings is a full color, beautifully illustrated storybook. With parent notes to guide a parent, grandparent or caregiver on how to call on Angel Violet to help children explore their feelings. This story is an easy way for children (4-8 years old and especially the highly sensitive/intuitive children) to learn how to feel safe and shift from feeling yucky to “sparkling” again. It’s a tool for children and caregivers to manage the stresses and challenges of everyday living so they can understand themselves and others better. Instead of making things right or wrong, Angel Violet’s Magic Wings wisely guides children to trust their heart and to take time to notice what makes them feel yucky or happy.


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About The Author

July 2015 Bonnie-SnyderDo you believe in angels? Bonnie Snyder does! She says, “Everyone has angels that are always around them. You can’t always see them but your heart knows they are there.” Bonnie, is passionate about supporting women in their own self care, healing and self nurturing so they are able to give our precious children ways to cope, heal and thrive in a world of uncertainty.


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