November 2016-Appreciation In All Things

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November 2016


Appreciation Of Your Now

Hello and welcome to another edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.  For November we step into possibility with Appreciation In All Things.

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Did you ever notice how this time of year people speed up in an effort to slow down?  Strange, isn’t it? Speeding up in an effort to slow down while getting stressed about how to handle situations before they occur.  I did this just last week without even thinking about the holidays.

I was having a conversation with one of my spiritual teammates, an actual person, about some of the information in my new book.  I was all twisted and confused. I didn’t know how to approach conversations about the book without re-living it every time.

She gently reminded me of one of the experiences I shared in the book about when I administered CPR to my brother at the age of nine.  I had never taken a class or even heard the term CPR before and yet I immediately knew what to do in an effort to get him breathing.

She reminded me that in that moment I had exactly what I needed and I appreciated it because my brother started breathing again.  She also reminded me that there is magic to be found if we just stop, be in the now and appreciate our gifts and blessings. She was right because in that moment I realized the truth in what she said.  I never knew CPR, yet it came to me. I had never written a book, and it came to me.  I have yet to speak in public about my book and it will come to me and I appreciate knowing that it will all work out.

So with the holiday season upon us, take the time to appreciate the little things. Don’t stress or worry about things that have not happened yet.  Know that when situations arise your gifts will appear.  Appreciate the divine magic of how all things take care of themselves.


Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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