April 2015- Impossible is Im-Possible

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Conscious Shift Magazine April 2015


Welcome to Conscious Shift April 2015.
Thank you for joining us as we venture down the rabbit hole of impossible defined.

Impossible is just a word right?  We say it and hear it often. Most times its associated with telling us what we can not do instead of what we could do.

As children we don’t understand impossible we only know the magic of creating possibility. Impossible simply does not exist to a child, it has to be taught.When I was a child I would dream of flying. I would see myself soaring over the city. Moving swiftly thru the fluffy cloud world filled with brilliant colors. I soared with eagles and angels. I never knew I did not posses the ability to fly. That is until someone told me it was impossible.

The idea of impossible reminds me of the bumble bee. The bumble bee is not suppose to fly. Its body is larger than its wing span and according to physicist and the law of gravity it has no business buzzing around like it does. It is an aero dynamic impossibility, and yet it flies.  Other “impossible” things; walking on the moon, phones without cords, thriving after a heart attack, and levitating. Yes, I said levitating, kind of like flying.

The point is that impossible is a mind set not a fact, and if we buy into every version of impossible that comes along we miss every vision of possibility there is. The next time you hear impossible think

Im-Possible instead. 

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Im-Possible.

Impossible is an unknown factor to Neo as he manages to balance on top of a door. I still can’t figure out how he can stay up there so long. But the even bigger mystery is how does he get down?
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This months Conscious Shifter is Ricky Roberts. I would like to introduce you to Ricky Roberts and his story of Im Possible.
Tune into our conversation and see how Ricky Consciously Shifted his near death experience.
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Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility. 

Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern


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