April 2016- Stepping into the Grandest Version of You

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April 2016- Conscious Shift Magazine

Hello Spring and Welcome to Stepping into the Grandest Version of Our Greatest Vision.

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fotolia © peshkov License:

This month we challenge all of you and ourselves to step into our greatest vision.  To seek the potential inside of us and know that it’s real and its possible.

Do you remember when you were a child how you knew anything was possible?  You knew you could do anything so you decided be a doctor, a pilot, and batman all at once.

Your vision was clear, colorful and strong. If anyone asked you about it you would share your vision in great detail while making them feel as if it were happening now. You explained, with a glimmer in your eye and excitement in your voice, that you started your day wearing a Dr.’s coat and stethoscope making rounds and healing patients. You then talked about how on your lunch break, you zoomed thru the clouds in your jet plane and when lunch was over you parked your plane and hopped into your bat mobile arriving home in plenty for dinner.   Those were the days when you knew, without question, that your grandest vision was more than possible.

Then somewhere around the age of ten you began to loose that dream.

What happened? You started to be influenced by those around you.  “They” told you to be realistic. So you traded in your stethoscope and bat mobile for a more reasonable vision. Then around the age of fifteen your vision was completely gone and you just focused on fitting in and making “they” happy. You decided that your vision was a child’s dream and their vision for you was more realistic. Never once did you question because you figured “they” knew better.

Well its time to take back the vision. It’s time to soar in the clouds and drive that bat mobile again. Its time to know that “they” were only doing the best they could because the “they’s” before them did the same thing to them, and on and on.

Its time peel away the veil and revisit the vision. Its time to remember that you are the grandest version of your greatest vision. It was not and is not a dream.  If fact it’s more real than the “reality” you have settled for. So this month we challenge you to remember who you came here to be before you were told you should be. Its time to Step into the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held for you.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.


Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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