April 2020- Trust the Proess

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All is Well Just Breath


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Trust the Process.  Is this month’s topic and a somewhat popular belief that if you let things take their own course everything will work out and…. Ok so I’m having a tough time with this month’s topic. There is a global crisis going on right now and its nothing short of terrifying. On the other hand, there is a glorious Shift in Consciousness happening unlike anything we have ever experienced in the history of human existence.

Just to be clear please know I understand the meaning of a pandemic and quite honestly it scares the Shift out of me. I can feel the fear in others and am experiencing some pretty heavy stuff of my own.  For starters I have a wife that is working in the medical field. Every night I am saging her in my dreams and asking for sacred love and protection for her, her coworkers and patients.  Then I have a dear friend that is like a sister to me who keeps reminding me of the severity of the issue by updating me with all the latest statists and medical research.

Then I go to the store, get gas, or participate in normal daily behaviors where I see the panic on everyone’s face.  I feel the caution of not wanting to get to close and it feels downright frightening.

For the past few weeks by 10:00 am I’m ready for bed feeling riddled with exhaustion from the heaviness of the world.  It’s at this point in my day that I stop. I go within, and I breathe. I breathe in the future and I release the past.

With every breath my goal is to let go and Trust the Process.

It’s from the place of trusting that I can then receive the divine plan in this. The evolving of humanity as we transform into our greatness.   And yes, there is greatness happening right now and its right in front of your face if you’re willing to open eyes and receive it.

Right now, the planet is healing.  It is getting a much deserved rest from human abuse. Things like waterways becoming clear due to the lack of use, birds and animals returning to areas that they have been absent from for years, even NASA is confirming the lessening of global pollution due to the shutting down of our daily activities.

Then there is the healing of people as a result of having to connect in a whole new way.  Quarantined populations singing to each other in Italy to prevent loneliness. Assisted Living residents sewing masks for medical workers to help fill the gap of depleted or unavailable supplies.  And what about the families with school age children.

Families are actually slowing down, unplugging and spending time together.

 In my neighborhood alone I have noticed a significant increase of people when I walk in the evening.  I see families with children walking their pets, riding bikes or simply strolling the neighborhood together.

Make no mistake this is a serious and grave situation but it’s also a time to stop and go within.  Right now, it is time to regroup and recreate how we live in our world and how we conduct our lives.

The Hopi Indians believe humanity is crossing through a portal, and that portal is a rebirthing of our planet and our existence here as humans.   They advise being still. They also advise that you not consume the ever present chatter available on the topic.  Instead we are asked to use your precious energy to rest.  To connect with our spirit body.  In others words they are asking us to be and go within and heal because when you heal and care for you, you heal and care for everyone.

Trust the Process and know that we are now and always have been complete.


And it is so.



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