April 2021-A New World Consciousness

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“Let it all go. Expect miracles.  Wait without anxiety. And know the Universe has your back.”

~Abraham Hicks

April 2021

Sounds so easy and yet it is so difficult to achieve. Or so it would seem. Yet I love the way it feels when I read the quote. Let it all go and expect miracles. This makes my heart sing and fill with joy. Wait without anxiety. This reminds me to take a deep breath and know that things are moving into alignment. Knowing the Universe has my back. This is where my intentions are focused as I know I am always safe.

When talking about A New World Consciousness I can’t help but feel each one of the above. Let it all go and expect miracles. That’s pretty much a foundation for me and please note that it doesn’t mean it’s easy, it just means that is how I choose to view my world.

This part feels so good. The expecting miracles and knowing I can have exactly what I choose. It reminds me of exactly why I came here.

To live in and create possibility.

The wait without anxiety, this part is where I get tripped up. And this is where my New World Consciousness is starting to take it to another level.

I have always known that if you can quiet your mind and connect with creator you will find peace. That you are a piece of creator and that in coming to this place you are enjoying the diversity and contrast that living in a human body will bring. I love this.

I love the idea that I get to create. 

My monkey mind filled with past fears, does not. It constantly reminds me of what could happen by reminding me of the past. And not the good stuff. I often feel as though I have a 24/7 “Warning Will Robinson” going on.

Over the years I have buried some of these warnings and worked through others. I have moved forward as best as I could, and I never gave up.

Then A New World Consciousness started to happen, and all bets were off… for a while anyway.

It took me a good six months to wrap my head around this. I took the time to quiet the monkey mind and fed it new information. On a regular basis I focused on what I chose and how I would like life to unfold in the face of countless change happening right now.

And little by little monkey mind became peaceful and started to focus on the abundance and joy in my life. Little by little it began to remember all the fun to be had and why we decided to take this journey called life in the first place.

And slowly but surely life became light again and I could see the possibilities. I then began to see the changes in the world differently by observing new levels of connection forming. I am also seeing the new and creative ways of doing business and most importantly, I am seeing the beauty of humanity’s creativity.

It is a glorious time to be alive. Yes, it’s hard at times and yes it feels like it is going on forever, but once things have aligned, we will look back on this time in history and remember how it shaped us and changed our consciousness.


Welcome down the rabbit hole of A New World Consciousness




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