Are You Awake?

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We’re experiencing one of the most exciting times in history. People are waking up all over the world, and fast. We’re shifting into a deeper awareness of our spiritual essence, awakening to our life’s purpose, and moving into a higher level of consciousness. This Shift in consciousness and awareness is exhilarating, beautiful and reality-changing.

For some of us it’s a nagging feeling in the gut – a knowing that there has to be more to life than what we experience with the five senses. It’s a search for truth and meaning. For others it’s a profound revelation and radical shift in perspective, causing dramatic changes and new directions in life. Some of us wake up one day and decide to start a whole new career, move to a new location, and even break away from toxic relationships. Others choose to stay in an environment that becomes increasingly more difficult to tolerate day by day. Some shifts are more radical shifts than others. Nevertheless, we’re all feeling it and the status quo just isn’t working anymore.

So why do some people take steps to make changes, and others suffer? Why do some people seem to have more freedom, and others feel stuck in circumstances that no longer serve them? What’s the difference between the person who chooses to say yes to their calling, and the one who says no? Why do some people have the ability to manifest miracles, and others only dream of happiness, abundance, prosperity and success?

Choose to live life on purpose.

The only barriers between us and our deepest desires are our beliefs. The difference between misery and joy is hidden deep in the subconscious mind where the beliefs live. The truth is, if we don’t believe something is possible, it isn’t.

The one who chooses to live life on purpose; the one whose life seems to just fall into place; the one who has a seemingly unshakable confidence is the one who believes it’s all possible. She believes she deserves it; that it’s her Divine right to receive it. She knows she’s responsible for taking steps to achieve it. She accepts the gifts and she’s grateful for it all. That doesn’t mean she is never fearful, or doesn’t experience any resistance to change. It means she finds a way to transcend her limiting beliefs. She does the inner work necessary to clear the way and receive what we are all entitled to receive.

What are limiting beliefs and how does one transcend them?

A limiting belief is any core belief that limits success, activates fear, tells us that we’re not good enough or that we don’t deserve what we desire. They are the essence of how we see ourselves, the world, who and what we’re allowed to be and do, what we can and cannot have, what to expect and how to behave. Not all core beliefs are limiting, but when we’re feeling stuck in life, there is always a limiting belief hidden underneath the surface. In order to transcend those beliefs, we first have to be aware they exist.

4 Quick Ways to Find Limiting Beliefs

  • Journaling – every morning or evening for at least 10 minutes. Do this every day for a few weeks, then look back at what you wrote. You’ll find a pattern in your writing that will point to a limiting belief.
  • Pay attention to your judgments. Ask yourself what is unacceptable about the person (including yourself), place or thing that you’re judging. If you view them as a mirror, what are you seeing about yourself?
  • Take responsibility for your story. What roles do you play? What stories do you tell about yourself? Rewrite the story.
  • Listen to your inner dialogue. What do you tell yourself about your life, your situation, your abilities and your potential?


We’re very powerful beings with the ability to co-create reality. The trick is to align the conscious and subconscious mind so they’re working together to manifest our deepest desires. Clearing away limiting beliefs is essential to receiving miracles, success, abundance and prosperity. Change is inevitable. Consciously navigating through change is a choice. The question is: Are you willing to do the inner work?

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