Are you Balanced?

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balance |ˈbaləns|noun  an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

Are you Balanced?   When I ask this question, especially coming from me, most would think I was asking  about you about your diet.

Not exactly!  This goes WAY beyond diet.  You can refer to this as your “Circle Of Life”.  This is where we look at all aspects of you, your being.  We look at all the areas that attribute to your life to see at what levels of satisfaction they are to you or at what levels of joy they bring to you.  When we are not balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually then how can we remain upright and steady? We can’t!! We need to have an even distribution of goodness for our soul just as much as we need an even distribution of healthy nutrition for our body.  I don’t believe that we can be healthy and happy just by eating a balanced meal alone.  We need to also be feeding our soul with just as much wholesome goodness as our food choices.

Let’s start with….  How is your career?  Is it holding you afloat and offering you the ability to pay your bills but deep down inside this career is causing you pain and frustration? Perhaps you are here on this planet to do better things and you know what that is but you don’t know where to begin so you stay where you are.  Perhaps you have a boss that is disrespecting you or maybe he/she is competing with you so much that you feel your job is on the line.  All of this pain and frustration can lead to ailments in the body.  It can lead to weight gain, chronic digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, body aches and pains and even disease.  It can also lead you down a path of unhealthy habits such as overeating, smoking or drinking.

Nothing is forever until you make it that way.

I’m not saying that if you hate your job and your boss that you should just up and quit in this very moment as I know that is not always feasible.  However there are ways to create a sense of calm and ease while you are at that current job.  Why not look at all the good things this job is offering.  I can say firsthand that this is a process I went through myself when I was at a job that was unfulfilling.  I started to write down all the benefits of my job and all the reasons and ways in which I can find joy in it everyday rather then look at the pain it was bringing me. For instance, I worked in the city and instead of focusing on the dreaded commute, I got excited over having the accessibility of the city everyday.  I also focused on the beautiful scenery of the mist coming off of the Hudson River every morning and watching the sunset on my way home in the evenings.  When it came to the job itself, I was thankful for the few people that I Loved seeing everyday and laughing with. I was gaining skills that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.  I had a salary that was allowing me to pay for things I wouldn’t otherwise if I didn’t have this job.  I went throughout my day thinking of these spectacular reasons to love where I was in the moment and knowing that it is not “forever”!!  Nothing is forever until you make it that way.

What about balanced relationships with people?

How are your relationships?  Are you always finding yourself in harmful relationships?  Are you sticking to them because you don’t feel you deserve any better?  How do they make you feel? Relationships play a key role in our health and it’s so important to keep relationships in your life that bring you joy and keep you living in a positive vibration rather then being around those that suck the energy out of you via their negative connotations and toxicity they can bring. I understand it’s not easy to get rid of those relationships especially when it might be a family member or someone you’ve had in your life for a long time but sometimes we just have to look out for ourselves and let that person know why you can’t be with them anymore or have them so close to you in life.  This goes for intimate relationships as well as your day-to-day acquaintances.  I also don’t necessarily feel you have to end all relationships completely but you might just want to pick and choose when you invite this person into your life.

Do you take the time to play?

What is your level of “Play”?  Do you infuse “playtime” into your daily life? Believe it or not this is HUGE when it comes to being balanced.  How could you stand on your two feet if you were constantly stressing and worrying and “doing” and not stopping to roll around in the grass or check out your favorite band, watch a sunset or dance your feet off?   I can sense it when I have neglected my playtime.  I feel restricted and frustrated and confined which leads to stress and in turn unwanted symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and with stress comes a plummet in our immune system.  You NEED to put it on your calendar if you’re currently not infusing this into your daily regime.  Sometimes if I find myself in the middle of work and I’m getting “too serious” for my own good.  I’ll put on YouTube or my iPod and swing my hips to my favorite song just to release that pent up energy and immediately I feel uplifted.  It’s as simple as that!! You can take a walk, invite friends over, have a party with your favorite gals.  Whatever it is that lights you up… just make sure it’s fulfilling you!

Some other areas that would affect your Circle of Life are Finances, Spirituality, Exercise, Environment and your Life Purpose.  How are all of these areas in your life?

I assume you get my point right?  Balance is not just about eating a balanced meal everyday but it’s about infusing those things into your life that keep you happy, healthy and therefore standing upright and steady!

Ready to get balanced?


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