Are You Disconnected from You?

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© Nikki Zalewski -

© Nikki Zalewski –

I can relate to this, can you?

There was a time in my life when I was completely disconnected from the world and from myself.  I’m not sure if I would have defined it that way back then. However, in retrospect, I can see how I was completely separated from my body and my own being-ness.  When we separate ourselves in this way, we become separate from God, the Universe and others.

I lived my life seeking validation from others whether it was through a look, a reaction or words. I thought I had to BE someone I was not in order to be perceived as something acceptable and admirable.  I would seek out material things in order to define who I was because I wasn’t even sure who I was.  I was a sensitive soul in a body that I never took the time to know.  I dressed her up, got an admirable career and made it a point to be the best I could be but not for myself, it was for others.  I was playing a role that was not me and though knew deep inside something was missing.

How do we deal with the challenges of separateness? How do we deal with the feeling of wonder and inquiry as to who we are and why we are here?  It’s through simple Awareness.  With awareness comes curiosity into your experiences without trying to push them away or resist them.  Awareness is the key to being in tune with who you are, why you react to certain things and to be present in every moment you are awake.  Being present allows you to be one with your body, be one with others and the Universe.  Simple awareness is how we begin to shift our life into a way we have always desired.  If we cannot see the reason we are attracting certain situations in our life than how can we make those shifts?  How can we possibly change the course of our life from a place of darkness and separateness if we are not taking the steps to learn who we are every step of the way?

At the time when I was in this place of disconnect, I was too scared to look at who I was on the inside.  My perception was that I was always being judged.  That was my perception however.  I knew things about me no one else did so who was the one judging me but me!  Once I began to connect with who I was which starts with building that strong connection to my body, I began to see past all the judgments I was putting on myself and therefore others.  I realized that all the judgments others were putting on me, were judgments of themselves.  Can you imagine what a relief this was? To recognize that I was not separate from anyone, that we are all one and one with the Universe? That if each one of us took the time to “wake up” and see ourselves in each other, the amount of love that could be spread amongst one another?

I’m not saying I don’t have judgment of my own “still” but I know at any given moment I can take the time to connect with myself and examine exactly where this judgment is coming from rather than allow it to cloud my reality.  I can also take the time to “feel” my emotions rather than push them away or mask them with external fantasies.

The best part is that I can also look at others without judgment but with pure love for who they are.  For what I see in them, I must see in myself.

Can you see where in your life you can begin to connect with YOU and your being-ness?



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