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Ever notice that healthful eating requires you to pay attention?

There are certain absolute no, no’s for me in my culinary pursuits. No-no number one is gluten. Gluten-free articles and information have been everywhere the last couple of years. I KNEW I was allergic to gluten 26 years ago. In my previous career as a fashion model, I enjoyed (or was tortured by) catered breakfasts and lunches. And of course, New York City, where I worked often, was famous for its bagels. A platter of muffins, croissants, and bagels were sure to be center stage on the breakfast buffet. Introduce me to a girl who is repulsed by muffins and I’ll eat my shirt.

Mabel, the stylist assistant on all the Modern Bride shoots, called out my allergy to gluten point blank. (I was somewhat of a bridal queen in my day, so Mabel had ample opportunity to witness my state pre-bagel or muffin and post-bagel or muffin.) I was standing fully garbed in the bridal ensemble having just finished breakfast. The all-too-familiar brain fog, eye strain, anxiety ridden exhaustion had just descended. Mabel scrutinized me from across the photo platform and pronounced, “You’re allergic to the breads.”

Tens of thousands of dollars, neurosurgeons to internists, pounds of herbs and supplements, and years of suffering later I finally came back to that simple statement. I am allergic to breads, aka gluten. The topic is in the news and on the lips of countless women (maybe men you talk to) with whom I speak. Twenty something years ago most people would had no idea what I was talking about and I vacillated for years and years trying to fit into what was ‘normal.’ Pancakes for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner was not an unusual menu for a day. Frigg’in nightmare in my world!

Back to the concept of paying attention. Eating healthfully requires we pay attention to how foods make us feel. Feel nauseous after eating fried fish? To quote the comedian, Bill Engvall, “There’s your sign.” Black beans gift you with a Mount Everest of belly bloat and Kilimanjaro of volcanic gas? Even though beans are a food popularly considered healthy, it’s not for you. Popcorn causes you a headache 30 seconds after you begin eating it? Yup, “There’s your sign.” (I may be speaking from experience.)

I’m writing this for you, dear reader, yes, but mostly I am writing it for myself. PAY ATTENTION! YOUR BODY IS LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT IS HEALTHy FOR YOU.

Follow along with the Beautiful Energy exercise video. Slow down, pay attention- your belly will thank you. 

Love, Susan

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