Are you where you thought you’d be?

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© Ana de Sousa -

© Ana de Sousa –

It’s not too late. In our world of countless opportunities and possibilities it’s easy to let your heart and your mind say, “Yes” to everything, but “Yes” is not always the best answer.

“Yes, I will lead that committee.” “Yes, I will learn to play guitar.” “Yes, I will help you plan that big event.” “Yes, I will help mentor those new folks.” Yes, Yes, Yes!

Every single one of those activities is good. Each is helpful, generous or beneficial. Several provide a service that is often much appreciated.

But sometimes we have to sacrifice the good to make room for the best.

When your activities are spread across many commitments with no organization or priority, you may wake up one day and say, “This is not where I expected to be at this point in my life.”  Not because you haven’t been active and involved in many good things, but because you have not been deliberate in focusing on and pursuing your most important goals and dreams.

When I speak at conferences or events, I introduce myself to all the attendees. I ask questions like, “Out of all the things you do in your business or your life, what is that one thing you LOVE doing the most?”

I get a wild array of responses, but there is one response that has become increasingly consistent from audience to audience. Of all the things they could tell me about what they are doing now or what they have already done, what I hear most often is, “Someday I’d like to…”

“Someday I’d like to…”

This sentence usually ends with things like, “Someday I’d like to finish my book.” or “Someday I’d like to start my own business.” or “Someday I’d like to get my degree.” Interestingly, most people are looking toward the future and the things they still want to accomplish in their lifetimes.

The problem is, Someday is not a date. Someday is not a plan. Someday is not a timeline. I’ve looked all over the calendar and I can’t find “Someday” anywhere.

The solution is, begin again. Begin again to pursue and achieve those lofty ambitions you’re always thinking about. Begin making Deliberate Decisions and taking Deliberate Action with your time, energy, and what you say “Yes” to.

In the same way that you organize an office or plan a vacation or prioritize your day’s activities, you must organize, plan, and prioritize your goals, too. Don’t just dream about them. Get them on paper and begin acting on them. Then watch them come to life.

Your Deliberate Decisions Determine Destiny. YOU get to decide what happens next for you. Maybe it’s overcoming an obstacle or maybe it’s one small step toward a goal. Either way, that’s progress. When you say “Yes” to the best, you will deliberately be able to achieve your dreams, plus you will have even more to offer those around you.



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