Article Submission

Are you a writer with a Conscious idea or thought?

Do you enjoy sending out new ideas and possibilities that create more of the same? Maybe you’re a specialist in your field or profession and eager to share your knowledge?  If you answered “yes” any of these questions we would like to hear from you.  Submit your writing and see how your ideas take root. 

Article Specifications

~All articles need to have a word count of 500-800 words max.
~Please submit all articles as a word document with any art work sent as an attachment.
~Author’s bio at the end of article, 40 words max and a link to your information.
~All articles must be received on or before the 15th of the month to be considered for the
upcoming month’s edition.
~ Include contact information for editorial questions if necessary.
~When submitting articles be sure to label email as “Article Submission”.
~ Original articles only. Thank you.
~Please note we do not edit or arrange copy to fit within these guide lines.

Submitting Your Article

All articles will be reviewed by editorial staff and  chosen according to content of the article and its relevance to Conscious Shift Publications or monthly theme.  Any article making medical or legal claims will automatically be dismissed. If you are a licensed professional in the area you are writing about include credentials. By submitting an article you acknowledge and agree that it becomes the property of Conscious Shift Publications.

It is the sole decision of the publisher to publish an article and articles may be edited for length and flow.  In the event that an article is written in an advertorial fashion the article will automatically be turned down.

Conscious Shift Publications reserves the right to publish and use articles submitted as deemed necessary.  We edit all articles and copy before final publishing. Article submissions will be held and published as needed according to space availability, and article topic or content. By submitting an article you agree to the above and grant Conscious Shift Community, LLC, permission to use your article through out Conscious Shift Magazine, Conscious Shift Community, The Conscious Shift Network, and any Conscious Shift projects.

**Submit articles to:

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your work in the next edition of Conscious Shift.

Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern
Conscious Shift Publications