Ask the Astrologer- August 2014

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Welcome to the Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon. Ask the Astrologer is a weekly forum of questions and answers about astrology. Each week Paula with answer your questions about astrology and how it effects our world.  Don’t be shy ask  your astrology questions here and Paula will help you navigate the in between while finding possibility.  Conscious Shift  is proud to bring you Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon




Q: What is a personal planet?

A:The personal planets are considered to be the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. A personal planet is one that defines our personality and makes us uniquely who we are and describes our inner urgings. Therefore these planets identify some of your core personality traits. The outer planets in contrast can be in the same sign and house for a whole generation, or period of your life, because they move very slowly.

Q:What should I know about a planet going retrograde?

A:When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be going backwards in the night sky, but it is not really. What this means for us astrologically, is that the symbolic meanings of this planet and the sign it’s in, are going to slow down considerably and the retrograde asks us to “go back” and review, reassess, rework, remember, (all the “re” words) things in this particular area of life. Retrograde periods are about slowing down and revisiting our dreams, wishes and plans to more fully represent our ultimate goals. They are not to be feared but awareness of them allows one to use them effectively for such reviewing activities and when the planet goes direct, the timing is much better to implement your new plans or ideas.

Q: What is all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde (Rx)?

A:Mercury, being one of our personal planets, affects us almost daily in the areas of communication, connections, writing, transportation, documents, siblings and neighbors, etc. When Mercury goes retrograde (Rx) all of these areas experience slowdowns and issues that arise from miscommunication and lack of proper connection. When a Mercury Rx is approaching, it is time to back up computers, hold off on signing contracts if possible, make sure your car has its scheduled maintenance work, double check travel plans and allow extra connection times for flights and mass transportation, etc. Because during a Mercury Rx, these areas of your life may be affected adversely. The positive part of Mercury Rx is that it asks us to review, revisit, reassess, and reexamine the areas of life (house) it is transiting or whatever sign it is in. Its time best spent reviewing and reflecting. Interesting tidbit: Past lovers may contact you during a Mercury Rx too!

Q: What is the difference between a personal planet and an outer planet?

A:As mentioned before, the personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These planets have been recognized historically in Astrology because we could see them in the sky with the naked eye. Saturn and Jupiter also could be seen but were considered less personal to the individual because they did not change signs quickly. Once the telescope was invented, we learned that the outer planets existed which are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These planets move much more slowly around the Sun and therefore your birth chart, so they have more emphasis on phases of your life and generational effects on people at large. The personal planets are what make you uniquely you and they move fast, changing our daily landscape and relationships much more noticeably.

Q:Will Jupiter changing signs into Leo bring more fun into my life this year (last half of 2014)?

A:Jupiter is the bearer of gifts, the planet of expansion and growth, and some consider it a guardian angel of sorts. If well aspected in your chart, you will definitely see more fun, creativity, growth, and abundance in some areas of your life as it moves into Leo during the second half of 2014. The house that Jupiter in Leo is transiting through determines where these gifts will manifest in your individual life. Because it will be in the sign of Leo, if you are hoping for children, Jupiter in Leo in the 5th house, or aspecting this house, could bring pregnancy. Leo is also about love and Jupiter being the bearer of gifts, true love is also a possibility. Perhaps Jupiter in Leo will moving through your house of career. This will bring you more creativity at work and leadership positions or recognition for your work. But overall, yes, unless transiting Jupiter is not well aspected to your birth chart planets, you should see an increase in love, fun, abundance, and creativity during the last half of 2014.





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