Ask The Astrologer-July 2014

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Welcome to the Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon. Ask the Astrologer is a weekly forum of questions and answers about astrology. Each week Paula with answer your questions about astrology and how it effects our world.  Don’t be shy ask  your astrology questions here and Paula will help you navigate the in between while finding possibility.  Conscious Shift  is proud to bring you Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon





Q-Can a birth chart reading help me with my career?

A-Yes! Most definitely.  There are several houses of the birth chart which tell an astrologer what your skills are, how you best able to make income and what career would suit you best.  Your sun, moon, and ascendant also hold information about your personality and what types of activities make you happy and feel secure.  Your Saturn, the Vertex, and your North Node also tell an astrologer what your career should entail in order to fulfill your calling in life.

Q-Can astrology help me win the lottery?

A-Not exactly.  Astrology can identify your lucky periods in life when you are likely to receive a surprise income or a legacy, but if you never got along with that rich uncle or you never bought a lottery ticket, you won’t receive money this way.  Your actions and choices along the way affect each planetary energy in your chart.  The chart is not your fate or a manual for your life, but merely guidance as to your strengths, the best timing for actions, and how you can better your relationships with others.  These things might assist you in receiving a windfall one day!

Q-Can a birth chart reading for my child help identify his/her career path?

A-While the chart cannot tell you what path your child will choose or what he/she may be presented with in life, it can alert you to the child’s gifts and personality traits that would then help you decide on education choices and what activities you might want to introduce them to in their childhood to explore their strengths.  It can also tell you what type of energy they will have as adults; ie. Entrepreneurial? Structured and safe?  Communicative? Nurturing? Healing? Artistic? etc.

Q-What if I’m thinking about leaving my job?  Can astrology help me with the timing?

A-Yes most definitely!  Astrology is very valuable during times of transition.  The transits (or planets moving across the sky) hit off your birth chart planets and houses and give the astrologer information about the best timing for a career change or striking out in a business of your own and whether such changes will benefit you financially.

Q- If I know my sun sign, is that enough to determine my career choices?

A-No, it can help to know your sun sign traits when looking at career options, but your emotional needs are found in the moon sign and your ascendant tells an astrologer how you are perceived in the world and more talents you may have.  Your second, sixth, and tenth houses of the birth chart also hold much information about your work skills, your ability to interact with others, how you are likely to make income, and what sort of work environment you prefer.  One has to look at the birth chart as a whole in order to determine possible fruitful career paths for an individual.






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