Ask the Astrologer – October 2014

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Welcome to the Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon. Ask the Astrologer is a weekly forum of questions and answers about astrology. Each week Paula with answer your questions about astrology and how it effects our world.  Don’t be shy ask  your astrology questions here and Paula will help you navigate the in between while finding possibility.  Conscious Shift  is proud to bring you Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon.   



Q: What does the Moon have to do with my personality?

The Moon is used in an astrological chart to help us understand your emotional makeup. The house the Moon is in and the sign of the Moon is used to determine your reigning emotional need.  The Moon also represents your Mother and the sign it’s in as well as aspects in your chart gives us clues as to how you related with her and what she taught you about life.  This, of course, will affect your emotional outlook and how you feel towards others.

Q: What does a New Moon mean astrologically?

The New Moon is when the Moon and Sun are conjunct (side by side) in a chart.  It represents the start of a new lunar cycle and in astrological interpretation can mean a new beginning after the culmination (or ending of a cycle) with the full moon.  The New Moon is a good time to set new intentions for the coming month.

Q:  What can astrology tell me about my creativity?

Birth charts give us plenty of information into a person’s personality and gifts.  Creativity is one of these gifts and is often indicated by an abundance of planets in Leo or in the fifth house of Leo.  Neptune and Venus also play a part in creativity as Neptune rules the imagination and Venus rules the arts.  Where these planets fall in your birth chart and their aspects to your other planets give us clues as to your creative talents and whether you can make a living using your creativity alone.

Q: What is the Vertex in Astrology?

The Vertex is a calculated point in the birth chart that indicates what you are being called to bring forth in your life.  When transiting planets pass over it, the Vertex can also indicate an important person coming into your life to teach you something or help you bring forth these talents.

Q: How much of astrology is fate? 

Astrology is the study of the planets and stars and how they affect the energies in your life.  Your birth chart is NOT your fate!  What astrology will tell you is when certain planetary energies either support or are challenging whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.  Prayer, intent, other people, and the actions you take will ultimately shape how these energies play out in your life.  You are the co-creator of your life with your Creator!

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