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 Q:Why are two people with the same Sun sign so different?

When an individual is born, the exact time and location dictate how the stars were aligned in the heavens above them.  This is their birth chart.  The personality of a person is not only determined by the Sun sign but it is determined by the mixture of all of their birth chart planets.  The signs and houses the planets reside in as well as the aspects (or angles) between planets in the chart.  All of these factors make up a unique individual’s personality.   Plus, everyone is a product of their environment, their upbringing, and the actions taken and choices they have made with their Co-Creator.  So the planetary energies in their chart are expressed differently than someone with a similar birth chart.

 Q: How can Astrology help me grow more conscious?

Astrology helps us grow consciously by validating and making us aware of our true natures and gifts.  There is an important asteroid used in birth chart analysis called Chiron, which by its placement, sign and aspects, can tell us much about what type of childhood wound you will constantly be trying to overcome and heal from throughout adulthood.  This wound will play out at different times in your life with different manifestations, but the planetary energy is the same and can be predicted.  The aspects of other planets and houses to Chiron gives us clues to what healing avenues for the individual will work best.  There are many indicators in the birth chart about your in-born gifts and strengths of character as well as your weaknesses and challenges you must consciously address in this lifetime.

Q:  What is Chiron?

As mentioned above, Chiron is the asteroid in the chart that helps us understand what our deepest childhood wounds are and how we may have felt growing up.  Everyone has one and it is through addressing and healing this wound that we begin to see positive changes and conscious growth in an individual.  Chiron’s placement can also lead to a career or interest in helping heal others once you master the wound healing.  Because of this, Chiron represents the Wounded Healer archetype.

Q: Can you read other people I interact with through my birth chart?

To some extent, an astrologer can read others in your life through your own birth chart.  Each house represents some type of group of individuals in your life.  For example, the seventh house represents long term, committed partners or business partners.  The sixth house represents your co-workers, and so on.  The sign on the cusp of that house tells how you interact with such people and planets within the chart tell us the type of individuals you may encounter in that part of your life.  Certain planets and signs can also represent family members or friends.  Saturn is the father, Moon is the mother, Uranus rules friendships, Leo is the child, and so on.

Q: What can a birth chart tell me about my health?

The birth chart holds an enormous amount of information about your psychological and physical health as well as how you view your spirituality and where conflicts between these parts of yourself can occur.  The sixth house holds information about your physical health such as possible weak parts of your body or the ways in which you are likely to get sick.  Knowing such information assists the individual in making sure they take good care of that part of their body because our actions and intentions can literally change our chart energies for the better.  If you see an emotional link to an illness in the chart, this enables you to tackle the emotional issue with counseling, hypnosis, or other healing modalities before it becomes a physical problem in the body.  Certain medical astrologers can also give information about the timing of a serious illness so that you can mitigate it before it happens.  Surgery dates can be planned to best take advantage of beneficial planetary energies that affect the people doing the surgery as well as your own healing.  For example, nurses that are also astrologers have said that they notice more bleeding after surgery with certain moon signs.

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