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1003698_512002658867630_1712746473_nWelcome to the Ask The Astrologer with Paula Sheldon. Ask the Astrologer is a weekly forum of questions and answers about astrology. Each week Paula with answer your questions about astrology and how it effects our world.  Conscious Shift is proud to have Paula on board.  Don’t be shy ask Paula your questions and she will help you navigate your journey down the rabbit hole of possibility.





June 2014- Ask The Astrologer

Q: Will an Astrology reading predict my future?

A: There is a lot of misconception about what Astrology is and isn’t.  Conscious Astrology is NOT “fortune telling” because the symbols (planets and signs) used to depict what’s going on in your life have many meanings and it is the Astrologer’s job to discern how those symbols and their archetypes are expressing in your unique life.  You always have conscious choice, intent, prayer, interaction with other people, and other energy altering forces that affect how these planetary archetypes will express in your life.  You are the co-creator of your life.  How much is fate and how much you co-create is something we still don’t understand fully as humans.  The benefit of Astrology, if practiced professionally, is that it can help you to discern how the planetary energies in your birth chart and in the transiting planets, can support you in making decisions, assist in timing decisions to work with the planetary energies, and foreseeing upcoming possible challenges ahead that can be mitigated by knowledge of them and preparation for them.  Self discovery of your true nature and the gifts you were born with is the wonderful benefit of having your birth chart read professionally.

Q:Will an Astrologer tell me the bad things coming up for me?  What if I don’t want to know?

A:You always have choice about whether you want to look at your astrological chart and forecasting.  A good astrologer will not present information contained in your chart in a negative way.  They will help you see the possibilities in the good aspects and the opportunities and personal growth present in any challenging situation.  Sometimes just seeing that there will be an end to a challenging time assists in getting through it with patience.  You will get the truth about your chart and your challenges, but a professional astrologer will assist you in working through them and understanding why they are happening to you at this time in your life. The chart may also give information that assists in decision making and the timing of it.  We all go through cycles in our lives with the planetary energies and once you are aware of them, you can use them to your advantage.

Q: Do the planets really affect my life?

A: While we cannot explain yet how the planets seem to mark events in our lives, we do know it happens with striking accuracy in the astrological chart.  In fact, the reason Astrology exists is because people once noticed that the moon, sun and stars in the heavens would indicate seasons for planting and harvesting, or would line up a certain way before big events like disasters or wars, and so they started paying attention to the patterns in the heavens for more personal use.  Modern day astrologers, with their computer generated charts and graphs can see cycles in weather, financial markets, political upheavals, personal development, etc,  that correlate to planetary cycles.  We know the Moon has a gravitational pull on the earth and affects tides.  As humans, we are 75% water and because of this, we also know the moon affects our brains and moods.  Ask any law enforcement officer or cashier who deals with public daily and they will tell you what they notice on the full moon.  Is it so hard to extrapolate that the numerical and geometrical patterns we see in nature here on earth are not also in the heavens?  And that the underlying order of it all is very mathematical and cyclical?  As astrologers we believe it and see it every day in our client’s lives.

Q:  What is an astrological birth chart?

A: The birth chart, or natal chart, as it is sometimes referred to in astrology, is the basis for most readings astrologers do.  It is a map of the stars in the heavens at the exact time of your birth, or in the case of a country’s chart, the date the constitution was signed, or for a company, the date the company was created or incorporated.  In personal astrology, the birth chart holds enormous amounts of information about the individual’s life and personality traits.  Their gifts, talents, resources, and even the possible challenges or weaknesses they may face in life.  There are twelve houses in the chart that represent different areas of your life like finances, relationships, career, friends, sexuality, children, health, etc.  The planets fall within one of these houses and are also in a particular astrological sign at the time of your birth.  For example, you may have a Sun in Aquarius in the 2nd house and a Moon in Pisces in the Ninth house which would be very different than another person with a Sun in Aquarius in the eleventh house and a Moon in Leo in the third house.  So even though you are both Aquarians, you are very different people. This is why generalized Sun sign astrology often found in magazines and online can be so generalized that they are “hit or miss” with their accuracy.  They do not account for all the other planets in your chart, their relationships with each other and the houses and signs they fall in for you as an individual.

Q: What if I don’t know my exact birth time?

A: A birth chart for someone is best if you have an accurate, exact birth time off your birth certificate or from your parent’s recollection.  However, even then, a difference of a few minutes can make a big difference in a chart so it is always good to try and rectify a chart and see if it is accurate for the individual so far in their lives.  A good astrologer can do this by asking a few questions of the client.  If you are not aware of the exact time, but have a general idea within an hour or two, the chart can sometimes be rectified to an exact time by using several events in your life that were significant to you.  Ask your astrologer if your chart can be rectified.





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