Astrological Fireworks in 2014!

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2014! What a year it has been!  Astrologically speaking, we had several eclipses, major squares between Uranus and Pluto, and all the planets went retrograde at some point this year.  Mars and Pluto were close together in the heavens during most of November making everyone on edge and hot tempered and possibly energizing major transformations in people’s lives.  This aspect of Mars will join with the last Uranus/Pluto square for this year mid-December.  Such aspects are seen with wars and revolutions and violence.  Hopefully you have avoided the tougher aspects with Mars involved.  This holiday season, think about how you can bring peace in a tangible way to a tense world stage.  Everyone needs more patience, more understanding and friends, family and community supporting them during their challenges.   Overall, the planetary weather of 2014 stirred up enormous energy bringing challenges, life reviews, and changes to everyone’s lives.

The first Uranus/Pluto square we had in April manifested in my life with a very difficult challenge of mold in my home and health issues surrounding that.  Looking back, that challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me review other areas of my life that needed changing.  It made me appreciate my home and my health and all those little everyday comforts we enjoy, but take for granted.  That’s what squares in our charts do.  They present a challenge to you and you can either respond by whining and complaining about it, or you can try to grow from it.

How do you grow from challenges in life? Try looking for the positive outcome or try to create one from the challenge presented to you.  It helps if you become aware of where the square is in your natal chart.  What houses and planets and signs are involved?  This gives clues to the real purpose of a challenge in your life.  When you see it happening in your chart, you understand how it fits into the bigger picture of your life and that it usually has a purpose.  Sometimes we can see possible outcomes or even guidance as to where resources can be used to help overcome a challenge by interpreting the transits to your natal chart.  If you are trying to make a choice, the chart can give guidance here too with information that assists in decision making.

On a rainy day in July, I had another major challenge when I narrowly missed colliding head on with a truck  when my car hydroplaned.  That happened a few days after Uranus went Retrograde.  Uranus rules my fourth house of emotions and is the foundation of my chart.  I felt as though that near miss shook my foundation and it led me to some important revelations about feelings I had with others in my life.  Retrograde planets make us go back and revisit or review something and the Uranus retrograde in July was asking me to review and reassess my feelings.  I would have welcomed an easier nudge to make me revisit my feelings, but I am thankful it was a near miss and not a collision.  Maybe a metaphor for what was happening to me at the time in my emotional life?  The choices I made in my emotional life after that near miss helped me avoid a bigger train wreck in my love life had I not changed course.

As an astrologer, I know I am not the only one who experienced such profound challenges and changes during 2014.  It is all part of our collective adjustment to the new Age of Aquarius.  Uranus and Pluto have been squaring off by exact degree several times during the last three years and these aspects are all about helping us change the old status quo of institutions and societies managed by the few in power into the new age of technology, networking, and collective consciousness.  In our personal charts, these squares are pushing us to change our old ways of doing, feeling, and thinking and create new ways that are more in line with the new consciousness.   To help us become more self-sufficient and self-directed, yet work together within groups and communities, to become more humanitarian in outlook, and to embrace technology.   Welcome the changes even though they may be difficult, understand your part in them, and consciously shift!

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