Astrology Can Assist Us in Achieving Goals

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My clients often want to know if their astrological birth chart holds their “fate”.  First, I ask some questions to determine their goals, and then I can tell them when certain planetary energies are in play to assist them in their goals. But what they do with that energy and how they do it, is up to them.  This is why two people with the same birth chart can lead such different lives.  But where astrology benefits us is in knowing your own birth chart and understanding the planetary cycles that affect it.

Astrologers have been called “time keepers” and I like this term as it implies that we observe time by noticing the cycles of the stars and apply that to meaning here on earth.  In fact, this is how Astrology began.  Man began noticing the cycles of the Sun and Moon and began planting crops in rhythm to these cycles.   Later, when we studied the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, we noticed that certain configurations in the sky (or aspects) would bring about major events in our world.  Outer planets, like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, were then discovered  with the telescope and being further away from the Sun, they took longer to move across the sky.  Thus these outer planets were given more generational meanings and often represent the time periods of a collective society as a whole.  But they can affect us personally too and when an outer planet lines up by exact degree with our birth planets, we experience major shifts in our lives.  The planetary energies are “fated” or bound to happen in cycles, but we are still co-creating our lives with our Creator and we make decisions every day about how we are going to express and utilize that planetary energy in our charts.

So how do goals and astrology work together?  When we set goals, we usually want to change or increase something good in our life.  Astrology can determine the most likely time in your life that such a change is more likely to happen and planetary cycles can indicate when you will be supported in such changes by your own birth chart, as well as the people and the society at large around you.  For example, if you wanted to sell your home, most likely the reason you want to sell is in your chart and the timing for when you are most likely to move shows up in the planetary cycles.  But if the market is down and astrology can show you that this cycle is likely to last another six months, then you would know not to waste your time in trying to sell it now, so you may decide to wait until another cycle for moving appears,  and perhaps you just start gathering information or making repairs until the best time for selling is shown in your chart again.  This can save you a lot of unnecessary angst trying to sell your home when the timing is not right or even save you money by making you aware that you need to wait a few months and then proceed with hiring a realtor when the timing of a fortunate sale is more likely to happen.

Perhaps there is a potential health issue coming up in your chart.  A good astrologer would NOT tell you that you are going to experience this health issue for sure, but that perhaps you should change your diet or see your doctor for a checkup to avoid this issue ever manifesting.  Your actions are the determining factor in your own health and well being.  Life is full of choices and astrology helps you decide the best choice at any given time.  Your intentions, prayers, decisions, actions, and even the interactions with others are all variables that play a part in how your life actually plays out.  Knowing your chart helps you build upon your strengths, see these cycles as a part of life, and acknowledge difficult times as part of a bigger lesson with an end in sight.

One great way to utilize astrology in goal setting if for parents to help their child set goals for their future based on their best chance at certain careers and interests that are indicated in that child’s birth chart.  The birth chart also gives an adult individual self awareness and consciousness about how his life is progressing in relation to these cycles of the planets (or life).  This way, an individual can plan for the challenges coming up and take advantage of the beneficial times by working hard on their goals when aspects are favorable for such work.  There is benefit even in acknowledging that perhaps when the transiting Moon is in your 12th house, that this a time for you to withdraw from society a bit, to rest and do nothing, but reflect on your goals and go inward to work on your beliefs or spirituality before starting something new.  Clients often receive validation that what they have been doing is exactly what they were supposed to be doing in preparation for the next phase of life and this is comforting to them.

Those in relationships can also benefit from understanding their own life cycles and the cycles of their partners.  Astrology can help them understand why their partner feels the need to do something different or give them insights into their partner’s mindset and behavior.  Putting two birth charts together can show how the couple interacts and why they have come together.   Knowing the why of certain behaviors and how it relates to one’s childhood can often help a partner to understand what is truly happening with their significant other.   The best timing for marriage, for relationships and love, all show up in the chart.  If you know you have great aspects in a given time period for meeting a potential partner when you’re single, then you make sure you go out and meet new people.  But if you choose to always stay home during that cycle, or tell yourself that you are not lovable, it may never actually occur.  That action or belief also has bearing on how your life is created.   Astrology would make you aware that you need to get out and about during a favorable period or it might bring to your awareness your limiting belief of not being lovable because of a past situation that can also be identified in your chart and then healed, making love more bound to happen for you.

These sorts of insights that astrology can provide are what make it so useful in easing our worries and tensions, saving us money and effort, and alerting us to inner work or life changes that need to be made at certain times.  Sometimes it is not so much the goal we struggle over, but the journey to attain it.  Astrology charts the course of how best to achieve that goal given our talents, and when to move forward, when to wait, and when to just stop and be still.

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